Sunday, August 19, 2012

Important Note

Hello all this is Ravneet here :)  I just want to say a big thank to all who actually followed this Blog. Please continue giving your love to Mannat27.

Technically I helped her make this Blog and I forgot to check the settings to allow Anonymous people to comment here.

Now I have fixed it so you all could freely comment with your IF name. Yes I know the password for this account.

Me and Mannat do not share the account, since I just helped her make the Blog, I know the password.

Continuing viewing her work and of course my work too *Wink* *Wink*

It will be a blast knowing you all here and I am so happy that this FF is dedicated to me :) I love Mannat for all her encouragement she gave me and so I will also support her...

I wish her the best and I wish to see you all encouraging her to write...

Signing Off...

- Ravneet <3


  1. Hey Ravneet!
    Thanks a lot dear. You know it's all for you!

  2. thanks.loved it.amazing......