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Chapter 1

Here is the first chapter! 
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Chapter 1

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The plane landed at the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Dressed in a three piece black suit with a black tie, he walked out with his luggage in one hand, while busy with his phone in the other hand. As he made his way out of the crowd, he looked around until his eyes came in contact with his friend, who was waving his hand at him. He walked toward his friend with a genuine smile gracing his lips. As he neared him, his friend ran up to him and caught him in a brotherly hug. Not really fond of PDA, he waited for his friend to complete his welcoming hug. As soon as his friend looked up at him, he raised his eyebrows.
Yeah, yeah, I know, but cmon yaar, we are meeting after nearly two years. You can't expect me to not even give you a plain hug, Arnav.”
Hmm, can we go now, NK? I am tired” said Arnav.
Yes boss! The car is at service along with your dutiful friend” said NK while giving his friend a salute with his right hand, while NK's eyes gleamed mischievously. Arnav smirked at his crazy friend and motioned him to proceed first.

The ride towards NK's house was filled with NK's long monologues with Arnav's nods, hmms, and small answers. NK stopped his monologues knowing very well that Arnav wasn't really paying attention since he was most likely already sleeping with his eyes closed and his head resting against the windowpane.
The sun was setting by the time they finally got home. As soon as they entered the gates, NK placed his hand on Arnav's shoulder, “Arnav, get up, we are home.”
Arnav opened his eyes, blinking a couple of times to adjust his vision, he looked at NK turning off the car, and then at the mansion in front of him. The Kapoor's mansion. It was a magnificent mansion, built and adorned with complete perfection. A fountain greeting the visitors, while the mansion itself giving a warm welcome aura, even though it was surely an epitome of great wealth.

Arnav got down from the car, while NK was already handing the car keys to the chauffeur to park it. NK told the chauffeur to bring in the luggage.  On the cue, Arnav spoke, “No NK, I'll take it myself.” Before NK could say something otherwise, Arnav pulled his luggage out of the car and began walking towards the house. Knowing his friend's habit of doing everything by himself, NK just shrugged and walked next to him.

The picture below is the Kapoor Mansion!

How was it? I know it's really small, but the second chapter will be longer. I just wanted to give a little glimpse before actually proceeding with the story. Leave all your lovely and beautiful comments with your IF name below! 


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    1. Hehe. Lol. I'll update it soon! And I'll keep you in check on the next update.

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    1. Thanks! Well, I have to keep few things from the original characters so everyone can feel for the story. I'll pm whoever is in my buddy list when I update!

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