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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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A sudden knock on the cabin door crashed the reality upon Arnav and Khushi's dreamy states. Khushi came out of her shock and a strange sensation filled her body to find the object of her thoughts so close to herself. While Khushi was busy stabling herself, Arnav had successfully pulled the ASR mask and a throaty “Come in” left his lips, though it came out more harsh than he had intended.
An excited Aman entered his boss's cabin to find Sir standing next to one of the interns. Ignoring the confusion as an angry glare came his way from the ASR, Aman greeted his boss. “Good Morning, Sir. The maintenance told me that you were already here. Was there any work I could help with?”
Arnav looked everywhere, other than in Khushi's direction. “Yes, take this intern and give her the work assigned to her.” While saying this, Arnav walked to his table, kept his laptop bag down, and sat on his chair.
Ma'am, excuse me? Ma'am, Ma'am?” Aman constantly tried to get Khushi's attention who was by now glaring at Arnav.
The audacity of the man! To say that I was thinking about him while he is nothing but a rude and an arrogant person. Laad governor!
Arnav was quietly observing the entire scenario from the corner of his eyes. He could feel Khushi's angry gaze on him, but he was very engrossed in his laptop all of a sudden for the other two present in the room. Arnav didn't want to risk looking up at Khushi, but somewhere deep in his heart, he felt glad that someone was finally daring to show anger towards him.
In an attempt to get Khushi's attention, Aman finally placed a hand on Khushi's shoulder.
Huhh??” Khushi turned around to see Aman with a confused, but professional, yet scared expression on his face.
Ma'am, your name?”
Oh, I am so sorry! I am Khushi....Khushi Kumari Gupta.” She said with a smile brightening her face, trying to hide the embarrassment and awkwardness of the situation.
Good Morning, Miss Gupta. I am Aman Stephens, Sir's assistant. If you would follow me, I'll show you to your cubicle and give you your assignments.” Aman said, finally having a smile on his face with warm presence of the lady, very unlike the cold presence of his boss.
Aman and Khushi left the cabin.  While Aman looked at his Sir for some sort of permission, Khushi did not even desire to look in Arnav's direction anymore. Aman took Khushi to the cubicle which was assigned to her. Aman had came in early this morning only to organize the cubicles of each of the interns according to the requirements of their assignments. Since Khushi would be majoring in managing most of the stuff with direct help from ASR, she needed to be placed near his cabin. Well, Aman surely wasn't aware of the new developments around the office, so it really was not going to be his fault for any mishaps which may result from this simple action.
Aman told Khushi to wait for a couple of minutes, whilst he go and bring in the assignments given by ASR. Finally, Khushi had her share of privacy. 
Hey Devi Mayyia, here I spent my night thinking what kind of enigma for God's sake his eyes are, and he did not even acknowledge my presence. So much arrogance? Did you forget to add arrogance in anyone else the year he was born that you ended up giving him the share of everyone else as well? Just look at audacity of the man, Devi Mayyia. He could have at least asked me why I was in his cabin in the first place or simply appreciate me for being early. But NO, how could the arrogant snobbish ASR do that?
While Khushi was busy in her “important” discussion with her Devi Mayyia, Arnav was observing her from his cabin. His eyes took in each of the varying expressions dancing on her face. He could see the anger flashing on her face, and he knew who the anger was meant for. He didn't want to be so harsh on her. The only reason he did act in this way was because he had lost control over himself. Arnav Singh Raizada never lost control! He didn't understand why he felt drawn toward her. Why he wanted to be close to her? No, he didn't want to touch her. It wasn't that. Instead, it was the innocence dripping from her face which attracted him. How much he wanted to believe once again that the world wasn't completely materialistic, that there really were people who were kind at heart. 
No, there is no such thing as kind people in the world.  There couldn't be. When my....then.......a girl? No, there is no thing such as goodness in the world. Everyone is here for their own selfish reasons. Yes, that's it!
The ASR rose once again, hiding Arnav beneath several layers of anger and resentment for the world. With that, ASR began to furiously type on his laptop, without much concern to what he really was typing.
Aman handed Khushi her assignments and explained all the rules and regulations concerning the work. Khushi finally began to lose herself in work, in order to avoid thinking about a certain Laad Governor! Soon after other interns and faculty members began to fill up the place. Khushi simply waved a hi towards Lavanya since she didn't have any time to waste with her current assignment on hand.
After almost two hours, Khushi had typed her first assignment, proofread it, and analyzed it. She handed a copy to Aman since the first day work would be reviewed by ASR himself to choose a leader for the interns team. Khushi finally looked around herself for the first time. Scattered around the office, set near specific sub-departments were other cubicles. Lavanya's cubicle was set near the Finance sub-department, but Lavanya was busy on her desktop to look at her. Khushi finally looked towards Arnav's cabin, when suddenly her eyes fell upon the glass wall of the cabin. Her mouth opened to her favorite “O” shape when she realized the severity of the setting of her cubicle. She was in the complete view of ASR, while she was also able to see him crystal clear, writing non-stop on a file on his table. 
Raksha karna Devi Mayyia! This means he can see me whenever he wants to! Ohhhh, whyyy, why me? But yes, Amanji did say that I would have to work closely with the Laad Governor due to my major. Oh Devi Mayyia, why did you do this with me? Wasn't those five minutes enough with him? How am I even supposed to look him in the eye now? I was literally gawking at him in the morning, and then, I glared at him after his rude talk. Well, he did deserve the glare, but how can I explain the stare? Please, please, pleaseee help me Devi Mayyia.
Khushi once again forgot everything and was busy praying to Devi Mayyia with her eyes closed. Meanwhile, Arnav had finished scribbling his notes, and as he began to look at something on his laptop, his eyes fell on her once again! He could see that she was worried about something and praying earnestly for the same maybe. A smile crept on his face as he looked at her innocent gestures. He simply couldn't help but notice her, lose himself within her.
Well, it is said that if the nature plots something for or against something, there really is no stopping, now is there? Thus the loud sound of the cabin phone ringing woke ASR from Arnav. ASR once again lost himself in the work with a mental note to himself: Avoid a certain something because it's nothing but a plain distraction. And there really isn't time for any kind of distractions now!
For the rest of the day, Khushi and Arnav both avoided each other, while their dreamy hearts would always make them look in the desirable direction, when the other was deeply buried in the “ever-important” work. But of course, their constant fights with their inner-selves continued throughout the day. 
 There were many questions both were unable to answer: Why they were able to see goodness in the other? Why they wanted to see that goodness in the other? Why they wanted to know more about the other? Why they wanted to lose themselves within the eyes of the other? Why they wanted to forget everything they knew and they were taught for each other?
Wanting to avoid an intriguing pair of eyes, Arnav told Aman to dismiss the interns as soon as they finished all three assignments for the day. No matter how much he tried, Arnav did look at a specific someone through the corner of eyes, while she cleared the mess from her cubicle, placed her stuff back in her bag and finally stood up talking to his annoying assistant. For a moment, Arnav couldn't help but feel jealous of Aman. Aman and Khushi seemed to be at complete ease while talking to each other, while Arnav hadn't spoken a single word to her yet. 
No, why should I care? She can talk to anyone however she may wish to. It doesn't make a difference to me. It doesn't! Arnav once again looked away and began to work on the presentation.
Khushi was thanking Amanji for his help on one of the assignments and finally bid him goodbye. She looked at the glass wall to a figure working on a laptop. For some reason, she couldn't stop herself from wanting to have him look at her once. She wanted to see his caramel eyes once again. 
No, why should I care? Why do I need him to look at me, acknowledge me, appreciate me? No no no, I don't want any of that. It doesn't make a difference to me. It doesn't! Khushi walked out with a determination but still lost in her thoughts.
Arnav finally finished his presentation, only to find all interns gone and only few faculty members left. He quickly packed and left the office. Not wanting to go to KM yet, Arnav found a park farther away from KM through the GPS and drove over. He badly needed some time alone to himself. Arnav arrived at the park and got out of his car. The park had few scattered visitors here and there. Finding a lone bench away from everyone, Arnav sat on the bench and placed his head back while closing his eyes.
Khushi....Khushi Kumari Gupta” Arnav had lost himself as soon as he heard her voice. A gentle, sweet voice. Her face, her eyes....everything was filled with innocence....a purity. meant thing he had forgot to feel thing he wanted so much to give to others.....the only thing he had scarce of....the only thing not meant for him....happiness couldn't be a part of Arnav Singh Raizada's life....NO, he wouldn't let it enter would once again make him go through THAT! It would give way to all other emotions to enter....emotions, the power which can destroy anyone within a second....NO, there is no place for emotions in his life. There is no thing such as emotions. Distraction! That's all it is. ASR would not fall for distractions at any cost. Success and money were the sole powers in the world if one wants to be superior to others. The only way to protect oneself and to place oneself at such a place that no one could reach you, no one could hurt you. NO ONE CAN HURT ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA AND NEVER WILL!


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