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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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7:45 AM @ Kapoor Mansion:
Arnav came out of his room, dressed in a charcoal suit with a white shirt and a gray tie, his hair gelled to perfection, and a determined look displaying on his face.   Arnav knew that NK would be in a deep slumber, but he knocked on NK's door nonetheless. Even after two knocks, there was no sign on NK. Letting it be, Arnav made his way towards the grand staircase, leading to the living room.
Vikas Kapoor, an early riser due to his habitual morning walk, noticed Arnav all dressed, coming down the staircase.
Arnav bitwa, it's not even 8:00 yet, where are you going this early?” asked Vikas surprisingly.
Arnav looked at his Uncle with a gentle smile.
I received a call this morning that IBM has few formalities to be taken care of before proceeding with the workday at 9:00” answered Arnav.
Oh, okay then. But Manorama must be already done with preparing the breakfast, and since you are diabetic, you need to take care of your diet as well beta. And it's only a 30 minute drive. Come”
Arnav gave a slight nod to his Uncle and both made their way towards the dining table.

Manorama was arranging the breakfast on the table when Vikas and Arnav entered the dinning room.
Manorama, Arnav has to go early today. Is breakfast all ready?” asked Vikas.
Hello Hi, Bye Bye. Breakfast is all readiz. Come Arnav bitwa. Vikas, why donts you also eats breakfast?”
Yeah, I'll also join Arnav. Nothing better than food to brighten up your day” answered Vikas gleefully.
As Arnav finished his breakfast, Manorama asked Vikas, “Did you tolds the driver to get the car redij for Arnav?”
Oh, I almost forgot! Let me do that right away” said Vikas.
Before Vikas could make a move, Arnav spoke, “No Uncle and Aunty. I have already arranged for a car.”
Vikas and Manorama both glanced at each other and then at Arnav. “But beta, when did you do all that? You should have just informed us, after all, we are here for you.”
Arnav shook his head in negative, “Uncle, I am my own responsibility. I had a job in London as well. I have enough savings to take care of everything. I am only here because I had a deal with Dad.”
Deal?” Manorama and Vikas both asked simultaneously.
Yeah. If I stay here, I would be get to travel on my own to wherever and whenever I like. The car was sent over today morning only, so I came with NK yesterday" Arnav stated as matter-of-factly.
So you no likej living with us?” asked Manorama, her face a bit saddened with the facts.
Oh, please don't misunderstand me! Aunty, you all are the closest family friends. NK is like a brother to me. I just wanted to be independent.”
Vikas stood up next to Manorama and placed a hand on her shoulder.
See Mona, Arnav is his father's son. What else could we even expect from him?” saying this, Vikas gave a small chuckle, which Manorama joined in with as well, while Arnav gave a grim smile.
Vikas looked at Arnav and gave a warm smile, “We are absolutely fine with it, son. But if there is anything you ever need help with, don't hesitate to speak your mind.”
Arnav gave a reassuring look to Vikas and Manorama, and while giving a nod, he stood up.
It's almost 8, so I'll be taking your leave. I'll give NK a call once I am done with work.”
Sure beta” Vikas said.
One minute paleej beta, theres one things I havez to do” said Manorama while rushing to the kitchen.
Vikas and Arnav looked at each other with confused looks. Manorama came back after a minute with a little cup in her hand.
Arnav bitwa, it's your firsht day at your workwa. So this curd with sugar to wishing you very good luck.”
When Arnav returned her gesture with a bewildered look, Manorama quickly added, “It's sugar-free bitwa. I won't gives you sugar.”
Arnav gave a small smile to grant her permission to proceed, and Manorama fed a spoon of sweet curd to Arnav. At this moment, Arnav couldn't have been more glad to be staying over at the Kapoors. Unfortunately for him, Arnav never had someone do this for him, not even when he left India to move to London for his MBA.
Arnav touched Manorama and Vikas's feet and both blessed him. Giving another one of his small smiles to his Aunt and Uncle, Arnav moved out of the house.
Outside the KM stood his white Audi R8. Unlocking his car, Arnav got in and added the address in the car GPS for IBM.

Somewhere in NYC at the same time:

Khushiiiiiiiiiiiiii, get up! You are going to be late!” yelled Payal while pulling the blanket off of Khushi.
Jiji, let me sleep na. Just five minutes more” answered a sleepy Khushi while covering her head with the pillow.
It's already 8 o'clock Khushi!”
WHATTTT?” Khushi screamed and immediately sprang up from the bed and turned around to look at the clock.
Why didn't you wake me up early, Jiji? It's my first day at IBM and I am already late.”
Excuse me? I have been yelling at you for more than 30 minutes now, and I didn't wake you early?”
Khushi gave a side hug to her sister and “GOOD MORNINGGG JIJIIIIIII” yelled in her ears.
Goshhhhh Khushiii! Enough of this now. Get ready immediately. Lavanya is already waiting for you downstairs.”
Lavanya?! But why did she come this early?” asked Khushi while choosing her clothes from her closet.
Maa and Papa wanted to have a word with her before you both head out. It's your first internship and you know how protective Maa and Papa are.”
Ok, fine Jiji. Tell Lavanya that I'll be down in 15 minutes” said Khushi while entering the washroom and locking the door.
Payal rolled her eyes at the closed door and went out muttering to herself about her crazy sister.

Exactly after 27 minutes, Khushi stepped into the living room. (Khushi's dress)Waving a hi at Lavanya, Khushi rushed into the kitchen. 
“Maa, I can't have breakfast today. I have to rush. I'll have something over there.”
Khushi's mother, Garima, looked at Khushi sternly and handed her a sandwich packed in a plastic bag.
I already knew that you would end up doing this. Why can't you ever rise early? You know what Bauji always says?”
Maa, the main thing is to be on time. And thank you so much for the sandwich. Now I need to go see Bauji and Papa and run for my life!” 
 Khushi hugged her Maa quickly and ran out of the kitchen, but not before yelling “Love you Maa!”
While Khushi was coming from the kitchen, her Bauji had come back from his walk and her father was already sitting at the dinning table, waiting for Bauji to join him.
Khushi ran up to her father, “Wish me luck, Papa!” and hugged her father, Amar Gupta.
Best of luck, Sunshine! I have told everything to Lavanya. I have also talked to Yash, my friend who works at IBM. He will be there for both of you. Take care of yourself and give your best.”
Thanks Papa. Don't worry. I'll take care of myself, give my best, and be at my best!”
Khushi turned around to see her grandfather looking at her. As soon as he saw Khushi, he opened his arms for a hug.
Baujiiii!” Khushi hugged her Bauji and her Bauji gave her kiss on the forehead.
Good luck my cherub! Always remember, you are the best!”
Khushi grinned at her Bauji, “Of course Bauji, after all, I am your Khushi!”
Khushiiiiiiii” came a loud yell from the porch outside.
Ok, I better run now!”
Khushi ran out to the porch to find Payal and Lavanya standing next to Khushi's BMW.
Sorry, sorry, I know! But cmon, let's get going now. You can bash me all you want on the way” Khushi said as she came near them.
Lavanya gave a tight smile to her friend, “Khushi, you do know that it's also my first day at IBM and you are making me late as well.” ( Lavanya's dress)
Sorry La! But it's only a 15 minutes drive. We will be there on time na” Khushi said while pouting her lips and throwing her purse on the back seat.
Payal hugged her little sister and wished her luck!
Thus, finally, at exactly 8:40 AM, Khushi and Lavanya moved out of the Gupta driveway.

Khushi and Lavanya reached IBM exactly at 8:55 AM, but as soon as they neared the elevator to go to the 5th floor, Khushi remembered that she forgot her purse on the backseat. She told Lavanya that she'll be right back. Khushi ran out to the parking lot to her car. Khushi quickly grabbed her purse and ran to the building. She checked her watch: 8:59 AM. 
Khushi, you are so dead today! Your first day! How can you forget your purse? Hey Devi Mayyia, raksha karna!
Being her clumsy self, Khushi concentrated more on running faster than to her surroundings. Poor Khushi couldn't notice a hard body coming out from the front door. Thumpp!! Khushi hit her delicate face into a tough body! A hand went around her waist trying to balance both of them.  A deep, husky voice saying “What the!!!” entered Khushi's ears. But without sparing a look up to the owner of the voice, Khushi ran inside the door while yelling “Sorrrryyyy” to her back. The elevator opened on the cue and Khushi made her way in.

How was it? 
I would just like to clear few things in the FF. Bauji is Khushi's grandfather from her father's side. Khushi's parents are her biological parents, no adoption here. Lavanya is Khushi and Payal's childhood friend. I also gave hints of few secrets! :)
And for those of you who would like to see exactly how Arnav's look was for the day:

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