Friday, March 1, 2013

Precap to Chapter 17

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Thank you for your wonderful comments and appreciation.  It means a lot to me.  I know I don't reply to anyone specifically, but please know this that I always read each of the comments.  Your comments delight me greatly and motivate me to keep writing and to write as soon as possible.

So here you go, with the sneak-peek into the next chapter.  

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Precap to Chapter 17

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"Akash, get out of the car RIGHT.NOW!"
"Bhai, just few minutes, Bhai. Please?"
"They can see us through the window! GET.OUT.NOW!" Arnav muttered in annoyance and anger, trying not to speak in a loud voice.
Akash opened the door and took one step out, but still could not muster enough courage to step out.  He closed his eyes and fisted his hands.  With a big sigh, he opened his eyes and walked out of the car.
Yes, Akash, you can do it! Cmon, you have solved so many cases till now, dealt with so many criminals.  You can do this.  Yes, you can!