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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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Arnav came out of the washroom and got into his bed after a tiring day. After the meeting, Arnav had spent the entire day preparing assignments according to the specialty of each of the interns. Obviously, he didn't actually knew who was who, but he simply used their profiles and transcripts to set the tasks. Yes, he could have asked Aman to do the same while simply dictating the tasks, but Arnav simply couldn't trust anyone else to match his perfection. After the agenda for the entire month had been prepared, Arnav had finally called Aman after avoiding him for most of the day. Arnav handed everything to Aman to be given to the interns in the morning. 
Afterward Arnav called NK who informed him to reach one of the clubs where NK and his friends were outing. Although Arnav had instantly declined the offer, NK had managed to somehow convince him through some minor blackmail. Shortly after Arnav had joined him, NK did realize that it was a mistake after all, due to three simple reasons: 1) Arnav wouldn't drink on a workday. 2) Arnav wouldn't loosen himself up to dance. 3) Arnav would only say one-liners, and that too, only when it was absolutely needed for him to actually open his mouth to respond, which his glares and nods were doing a perfect job for most of the time.
After a wasteful evening, Arnav had finally come back to KM and finished his dinner rather quickly to avoid any questionnaire about his workday by either his Uncle or Aunt. He finally came to his room with the excuse of having to prepare some presentations.
Even though Arnav had been avoiding a certain issue throughout the day, he simply couldn't now in the privacy of his room. But somewhere in his heart, Arnav did want to remember it now. It just simply felt like the right time to do so. He mind went back to an intriguing pair of eyes which had haunted him throughout the day.
* Flashback *
Arnav had observed each of the interns as they entered and seated themselves, while he was seated at his place in the Conference hall. He was thankful to few of the directors who were successfully blocking him from the view of any of the interns. Arnav wouldn't want any of his interns to see him and get any wrong ideas because he just wanted to know exactly who he was going to be leading. Arnav Singh Raizada could always identify the underlying truth behind a person's mask, while no one was able to do the same with him. 
Two girls and two boys, all in their late teens or early-twenties, all professionally dressed up, but still all having a certain immaturity present somewhere. A mental note added to ASR's mind.
Before Arnav could further analyze any of the interns, Mr. Guido had called him up. While Arnav had started his speech with utmost concentration, a pair of hazel eyes began to distract him. The way her eyes were looking at him, it almost seemed as if she could see directly through his mask. Arnav avoided looking at her even though he felt her gaze on him throughout the speech. Arnav had initially planned on getting the interns started on the first of the assignments right away, but for some reason, he simply couldn't stay any longer. He had quickly made up an excuse to get away for the day and walked out of the Conference hall before anyone could step up to stop him.
* Flashback ends * 
As Arnav laid in his bed and closed his eyes, the same pair of hazel eyes kept coming into his view. 
Her eyes.....her eyes had so many questions....yet, they seemed so honest, so if there was not a single shred of world's evil if she was pure goodness....but why were those eyes confused....why those questions....why....
After sometime, Arnav fell into a deep sleep, only to wake soon after and have a restless night with the hazel eyes coming into his dreams again and again and again.
Somewhere in NYC at 7:00 AM the next day:
Khushi had finally gotten out of her bed after a sleepless night. Unlike Arnav, she wasn't seeing only a pair of eyes because she was simply confused. Khushi had a feeling that something was coming towards her with an unrelenting speed. Something powerful, but yet something that would change everything. Yes, she was seeing the pair of eyes, but that wasn't the only thing bothering her. She had a sickly feeling after meeting Shyam yesterday and for some reason, she just couldn't shrug it off.
After getting home from IBM, Lavanya had gone back home after lunch, while Khushi had spent a good hour making jalebis, even when her mother had been unsuccessfully trying to stop her. Since jalebis seemed to have calmed her down a bit, Khushi had gone out to the park to refresh her mind. Khushi only returned back in the evening, only few moments after Payal had returned from work. The rest of the evening was spent in the regular chatter of the two sisters. Khushi didn't go to bed till late because she knew she wasn't going to get sleep anytime soon this night.
Khushi took her shower and got ready for IBM, while also ready to face two certain entities which seemed to have become her main focus since yesterday. Khushi went downstairs to find her Bauji already gone for his morning walk, her father busy with the newspaper, while her mother and sister were preparing breakfast. Payal and Garima were pleasantly surprised to find Khushi up and ready for work. Accepting it as a good sign of responsibility towards her internship, everyone resumed their usual tasks.
Khushi gave a quick call to Lavanya and told her that she'll meet her directly in IBM, much to Lavanya's distaste since she would need to driven by her brother now, since she had gotten into two accidents already with her driving skills. It did take some convincing to do with Khushi's father, but Amar couldn't have denied anything to his Sunshine after all.
Khushi walked out of the house at exactly 8 o'clock, with an extra 45 minutes to sort her mind. Khushi drove to IBM and parked her car. Not wanting to stay in the parking lot, Khushi walked to IBM. Since the building was already open early for the maintenance staff, Khushi got to the 5th floor to find it almost empty, with only the maintenance staff cleaning up.
IBM Parking lot at 8:20 AM:
Arnav parked his car, picked his laptop bag and made his way to the building. As soon as he stepped out of the elevator and moved towards his cabin, a familiar scent filled his senses. Arnav closed his eyes and the same pair of hazel eyes came into his vision.
Much annoyed from a restless night, Arnav had gone for an early jog to clear his mind. After coming back, he had gotten ready only to notice that it was 7:45 AM. He had finally chosen to call back home in India, after avoiding it for almost two days now. The first two calls went unattended, but he still tried once more and had it answered by one of the servants, who told him that Mr. & Mrs. ASR were out for a business party. Arnav ended the call without any other word and went out of KM, avoiding and ignoring anyone in his way.
The 45-minute drive only took 30 minutes with Arnav's anger playing a key role with the speed. But the intensity of the speed seemed to have calmed him down and he finally walked in, prepared for the workday.
His early morning mood swings had taken out the pressure of a sleepless night out of his mind, but the same scent seemed to be attracting his attention towards the same hazel eyes. For unknown reasons, he could only associate two things to each other, without even having it clearly proven for himself.
A sound of someone clearing his throat brought Arnav back to the present time. Arnav opened his eyes to find a janitor in front of him. A humble, yet quivering voice spoke, “Sir, no one is in yet. Though there is one girl waiting for you in your office. She said she is an intern. She came early so I made her sit in your office since I didn't know otherwise.”
Arnav gave a curt but a brief nod to the janitor and walked towards his cabin. Though he was impressed by whoever was so eager for the internship, Arnav sure was a bit annoyed to have his private time gone.
Khushi, on the other hand, had been standing around, having her monologues with Devi Mayyia about the recent issues, when one of the janitors walked up to her. The janitor seemed very friendly, so Khushi couldn't refuse when he asked her to wait in the cabin of the one and only Arnav Singh Raizada.
While Arnav was walking towards the cabin, Khushi had finally satisfied herself into thinking that ASR wouldn't probably come until 9:00 and by then, other faculty members would be here, and Khushi would be able to leave his cabin without coming into his notice.
The door to the cabin opened to reveal a girl with her back to Arnav, looking out the windows, and doing some weird gestures with her hands. Even though the same sweet scent was present in his very own cabin, Arnav ignored it as a side-effect of not getting enough sleep. Arnav entered the cabin, but finding that the girl was clearly not aware of his presence, he cleared his throat.
A harsh, yet firm sound of a throat being cleared jolted Khushi out of her thoughts. Khushi turned around almost immediately to find herself standing merely a feet away from her “perfect enigma.” Khushi's eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped and went into a perfect “O” shape. Arnav was taken by surprise to find the same pair of hazel eyes looking at him, only this time with a visible surprise and shock present in her eyes. Thus began the glare session between the two pairs of eyes: a hazel pair of eyes with a caramel pair of eyes. Few seconds turned into minutes, but the couple simply couldn't have enough of the eye-lock.
A slight sound from outside helped Arnav regain control over himself, while Khushi stood in the same position without a change. Something about her pulled Arnav to move closer to her. He wanted to take off the ASR mask completely and just lose himself in those hazel eyes. A hint of smile was present on Arnav's face, as the distance between the two decreased.  
Arnav's look for the day - Arnav
Khushi's look for the day - Khushi
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