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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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(Background info: The Kapoors were one of the wealthy families in NY, respected for their honesty and loyalty. Vikas Kapoor and Angad Singh Raizada were friends from their college days. While both men were equally successful, they never intermixed their personal life with their professional life. While Vikas had moved to USA to attain success, Angad chose to remain back in India. However, their physical distance never created a distance in their relationship.)

Arnav and NK walked into mansion where Vikas and his wife, Manorama, awaited their arrival. Vikas wore a white kurta pajama, as he always did in the comfort zone of his home, while Manorama was elegantly dressed in a heavily embroidered sky-blue sari, with matching heavy necklace, earrings, and bangles. Manorama rushed to Arnav and embraced him in a tight hug, much to Arnav's discomfort. 
“Hello Hi, Bye Bye! Arnav Bitwa you have growing so muchs. I so happiez todaey.” 
Arnav was feeling suffocated because Manorama still held on to his neck tightly, while NK and Vikas struggled to suppress their laughs. 
Vikas came to Arnav's rescue, “Arre Manorama, let Arnav bitwa come in at least.” 
Manorama left Arnav, but not before pulling his cheeks mercilessly. Arnav touched Vikas's feet, while Vikas gave him a fatherly hug. Vikas asked NK to show Arnav to his room so he could freshen up and later join them in the living room.

After sometime, NK and Arnav walked into the living room. Vikas and Manorama sat together on the big sofa, so Arnav sat on the couch on their right, and NK took the loveseat couch in the corner of the living room so he can check his FB.
So Arnav bitwa, how was London Business School?” asked Vikas.
It was nice Uncle. Good programs with perfect essentials. Thanks for suggesting it” answered Arnav with a content look on his face, with a hint of a smile.
Oh no bitwa, you are just like NK to me. Now since your MBA is done, what do you plan on doing in USA?”
Well Uncle, I received job offers from multiple companies here.”
Oh, that's really good beta. Do you plan on joining your father in India after getting experience here?”
No. I have always helped Dad in his business, but now I want to become something on my own merit.”
Before Arnav and Vikas could continue their discussion, Manorama interrupted them.
 “Arnav bitwa, leave all thiz things. Tell me, did you findz a girl yet or are you singalz stells?” 
Arnav was absolutely astonished, not knowing what to say next.
The changing course of the discussion instantly grabbed NK's attention, and he looked at Arnav and said, “Yes Arnav, did you find me a bhabhi yet or do I have to do all the work for you?”
NK knew Arnav was getting annoyed, but being the gentleman he has to be in front of Manorama and Vikas, Arnav gave a disapproving glare to NK and politely answered, “No Aunty, not yet. I have a lot to do before!”
Arre Manorama, rehne bhi do abhi! (Arre Manorama, let it be now!) Arnav, so have you decided on where you are going to work?” said Vikas.
Arnav, relieved to have the discussion dismissed, gladly answered his Uncle, “Yes, I am going to IBM tomorrow.”
IBM it is then. It's a great place to start your career. What's your job by the way?”
IBM has recently launched a new project to train interns, and I will be heading the project, while working along with the interns.”
And the conversation went on and on, but Manorama just left the two to talk and left to see over the dinner preparations. NK meanwhile was busy chatting with his multiple girlfriends on FB.
After dinner, the Kapoors and Arnav retired to their respective rooms.
Arnav was given a room a little further away from others as he preferred to keep his privacy. Arnav's room was almost the same as it was back in India, only difference being the vivid paint and too many show pieces decorating almost every corner of the room. No doubt, Manorama Aunty designed this. Well, I should catch up on my sleep now. A new start tomorrow. 
Giving a rest to his thoughts, Arnav drifted off to sleep.

Somewhere in NYC at the same time:

Haye devi mayyia, rakhsa karna! (Ohh Goddess Mother, protect me!) I don't know how I am going to handle everything tomorrow. Couldn't they have just informed me few days in advance? Wow, what a set of professional people they must be, informing me of such a big thing a day before it's due. Mean, mean, mean people. Devi Mayyia, why do you even create such people? I know, I know, whole balance of things, but one day notice, seriously? Devi Mayyia, you are not pranking on me, are you? Well, of course you are not! Please help me na, only you can help me now. I have no idea how to do this. It's my very first time. If someone had told me a week ago that something like this would be happening in my life, I would have burst into uncontrollable laughter. But how am I supposed to handle everything now? 
Dressed in a simple light pink cotton suit with white dots, her dupatta tied on her waist, her hair in a tight braid, her hands rapidly frying jalebis, dipping them in the syrup, and placing them on the plate. Her white creamy complexion shining even while she was sweating, her slim curves beautifully showing in her tight suit, and her eyebrows drawn together, while her forehead held worry lines. Her thoughts and her well-trained hands were disturbed by an annoyed look from her sister, Payal.
What exactly are you doing here when you should be sleeping by now?” Payal said.
Jijiiiiii, please just let me finish this and then I'll go to sleep.” [Jiji means sister.]
Have you gone mad? Stop making all these jalebis! Thank goodness, Maa Papa are not home and Bauji is already sleeping. And why are you so worked up, Khushi? It's such a wonderful opportunity for you.”
Jiji, even I know it's a great opportunity, but I don't even know how they work. Let alone that, I have never had a job in my life, and now I have to go there. Couldn't they just inform me few days earlier on for me to prepare?”
Khushiii, your principal did tell you that you were amongst the four chosen. You knew it from nearly two weeks.”
So what if I knew from the past two weeks? And I told you na, I thought the principal was kidding. He's a new principal, even though he looks very friendly and all, but who knows how he is. So I didn't take him seriously until they sent me the official letter today with the time for tomorrow itself?”
While Khushi was busy with her monologue, Payal had turned off the gas and before Khushi could notice anything, Payal literally dragged her to her room. Khushi tried to stop Payal, but Payal continued to pull Khushi without so much as glancing at her.
Once in the room, Payal made Khushi sit on the bed, softly kissed her forehead, cupped her cheek and said, “Khushi, don't worry. If you genuinely feel that this opportunity would do good for your life ahead, then only go for it. Otherwise, you can talk to your principal about it.”
Khushi just sat there looking at Payal. Payal just gave a little smile to her and headed off to her room.
Well, Jiji is right. I should only do this if I am confident that it will be beneficial for my career. And it is. All set then. Khushi Kumari Gupta will do this internship at IBM! After all, if anything was to go wrong, my Devi Mayyia is always there to help me. Love you Devi Mayyia. 
On this happy note, even Khushi retired to her bed, completely exhausted from making almost three dozen jalebis, while content with her decision.

Arnav and Khushi slept peacefully in their respective rooms, unaware of the roller coaster their lives were about to take. Both slept with content and serene smiles adorning their faces.

How was it? It's longer than the first chapter at least. 
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