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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

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Sometimes, it takes only one to make a difference.
Not wanting to run into a certain someone, Khushi volunteered to go with Lavanya at her usual time. Both girls made their way out of the Gupta household 25 minutes before 9:00 am. As soon as they entered the building, the quietness of the atmosphere was enough to tell them that something was surely amiss today. Khushi looked around to find a fidgety Aman running from one place to another with a bunch of files in his hands.
Khushi looked at her watch that it was only 8:55 yet, then why was Aman in such a terrible state? As Aman was about to go towards the receptionist to drop some instructions, Khushi stood directly in front of him.
Amanji, what happened? Why are you working so early? It's not even 9 yet” said Khushi with a worried expression.
Miss Gupta, actually....”
Khushiii! I said yesterday as well, my name is Khushi, not Miss Gupta, Amanji.”
Yes yes Khushiji, Sir is already in his cabin and he's in a very bad mood today. He called me at 7:00 in the morning to be here by 7:30. It's for some new project he's starting. Our floor was opened early just for him. Many other staff/faculty were called in as well. Now if you would excuse me, I have to run about 50 errands before Sir calls me again” said a stressed out Aman with a terrifying look clouding his usual morning grin.
Before Khushi could reply back, Aman had already moved out. Khushi looked back at Aman's retreating back and at Lavanya, who by now had a terrifying look similar to Aman.
Ohhh Khushi, I am heading to my cubicle. I certainly don't want to get into any trouble with ASR.”
Lavanya also made an escape as Khushi just stood at the same place observing everything.
Till yesterday, everything was fine. What happened so suddenly? It can't be just because of a new project. Why is poor Amanji like this? But what else can that Laad Governor do other than terrorizing people! Huhh. Well, Devi Mayyia, you please stay with me today and keep me away from HIM!
Khushi walked to her cubicle to find the list of assignments stacked on top of a bundle of files on her desk. She looked at the glass wall to ASR's cabin to find him pacing in his cabin, barking unheard commands on his blue-tooth. Khushi angrily glared at him, while he was too busy to notice anything else. 
Arnav felt as if someone had called him and looked toward the glass wall to notice Khushi glaring at him angrily, but then she suddenly looked away, and sat on her chair to fiddling with the files on her desk. Arnav looked back from her and retreated to his call. 
“Yes Mr. Heinlein, I would like to have a conference with all of the directors tomorrow to confirm all the changes.”
And so, the day continued in this flow. While Arnav was bent on making everyone work harder than they were required to, Aman continued to be the scapegoat for ASR's anger while Khushi was determined to finish all the work before the assigned time. Sure enough, Khushi finished the entire stack by lunch time. She looked around to find everyone immersed in work and Aman nowhere in sight. With a confident smile brightening her face, Khushi proudly went to the lion's den herself.
Hearing a slight knock on the door, Arnav spoke, “Come in,” and he continued studying the file in his hand with his back towards the door. Few seconds passed by, no sound came from Arnav or the one who had entered his cabin. Few more seconds, not a single sound. A full minute went by. Arnav finally looked away from the file, raised his eyebrows in confusion, and turned around.
Khushi had knocked the cabin door and heard a response immediately. When she entered, she saw that Arnav had his back to the door. So, she waited for him to turn around and acknowledge her. Few seconds passed and Khushi already began to get a bit impatient. 
No Khushi Kumari Gupta, even you won't speak until His Highness finally gets some time to pay attention! Devi Mayyia, how much is this Laad Governor going to make me wait?
As Khushi was still going on with her conversation, she saw his head moving and straightened up quickly. 
Good Afternoon, Sir. These are all the assignments that were due for today.” She said with a confident smile, even though her heart was banging loudly in her chest.
Even if Arnav was shocked and surprised, he didn't let it show on his face. “Ask Aman for the next batch.”
Arnav took the file she had kept on the table and began to look at it. Realizing that she had still not left, Arnav looked up again.
Khushi kept staring at him with her lips in a firm line.
Miss Gupta?”
Mr. Raizada?”
Excuse me?”
What the!”
Oh, did I say something wrong, SIRRR?”
How DARE you? Miss Gupta, this is an office and I am your boss here. Learn to talk with the proper etiquette!”
Exactly, SIR! This is an office where EVERYONE is required to talk with the proper PROFESSIONAL etiquette. The exact thing you seem to be lacking by not acknowledging anyone of their presence or their work. You may be our boss but that does not give you any reason to be rude to us. Even if your mood may not be nice today due to your personal or professional reasons, nothing entitles you to treat anyone the way you have been treating EVERYONE for the entire morning! And SIR, I will have Amanji give me the next batch.”
Khushi left in anger, stomping her heels, without waiting for a reply, or looking back at Arnav's precious expression. No one, absolutely NO ONE, had ever dared to talk in this manner to the ASR. No one had ever tried to teach him something or ever mentioned that he may be lacking anything out of perfect. But today, someone had dared. Arnav wanted to answer back to her, tell her to stay in her limits, but he simply couldn't. He knew that she was right. He did had personal reasons for behaving like a ruthless boss with everyone since morning. Maybe, he even kind of tortured some people. No, not some people, only Aman, since he's the only one who had directly contacted him throughout the day. And Aman hadn't even complained but simply followed each of the orders given to him.
Arnav closed his eyes. He needed to sort his mind before communicating with anyone.
He sat in his chair and laid back his head. The morning events played in mind.
* Flashback *
As Arnav was about to walk out of his room for his morning job, his phone beeped.
Dad calling
A pang of anger hit his heart. Arnav picked up the phone and pressed it against his ear.
Arnav Singh Raizada”
Arnav, how are you, son?”
Arnav closed his eyes at the last word. “I am fine!”
Good. When are you coming back?”
I am NOT coming back ever!”
Before Angad could answer back, his wife Ananya took the phone from his hand and un-did the speaker mode.
Arnav, what way is this to talk to your father? We are worried about you. We want you back home. Your father is getting old and he needs his rest. How much more can he do?”
He isn't old for his business parties, is he now?”
Leave it Mom. I am not coming. Take care of each other like you have always. Goodbye.”
Before Ananya could say anything, Arnav had disconnected the call. He closed his eyes to control his anger. Without giving a second thought to the talk, Arnav went for his jog-less sprint-more. Upon returning, Arnav called Aman and Mr. Guido, and the ASR moved the project which was supposed to be taking place a week later to this very morning.
* Flashback ends *
How could I have done this? I had never lost control, and yet, once again, I did! How could I have let my personal reasons interfere with my work? But that doesn't mean she was right. No! She still had no right to speak to me in this tone. She didn't! She didn't, right?

Khushi went to Aman's desk and asked for the next batch. As soon as Aman handed it to her, she moved back to her cubicle. But anyone could see that she was angry, no, not simply angry, but furious! 
What does he think of himself? It's good Devi Mayyia that you gave me strength to talk some sense into him. Laad governor. Let him think whatever he wants to, at least he would realize how he had been terrorizing everyone. 
Suddenly, a light bulb lit in Khushi's brain and she finally realized what had she done exactly. 
Hey Devi Mayyia, why didn't you stop me? I talked so rudely to him. What if he disqualified me from the internship? He was already so angry and whatever I said must have increased his anger tenfold! Devi Mayyia, raksha karna! Please Devi Mayyia, just save me this one time. I won't do it again. Pleaseeeee?
Before Khushi could proceed with her pleading, Aman came over to her cubicle.
Khushiji, Sir has called you in the cabin. I think he must be impressed with your work!” Aman said with a friendly smile.
Khushi gave a slight smile and nodded at him. Amanji, only I know how impressed he must be right now!
Khushi reached for the water bottle on her desk and quickly gulped it down her suddenly dry throat.
Are you fine, Khushiji?”
Yes Amanji, I'll....I'll just be back.”
Khushi went towards ASR'S cabin, her lips trembling from what might lay ahead of her, her hands folded praying to her Devi Mayyia.
She knocked on the door, once, response. She was about to knock once again when the door opened and her hand, which was aimed for the door, got mistakenly aimed for someone's chest. Her eyes went wide open to see ASR standing in front of her.
ASR hand-motioned her to enter and signaled toward a blue-tooth attached to his left ear.
Arnav went toward his table with his back towards Khushi. “I'll see you tomorrow at 11:00 am sharp then.....Yes, I'll have that done. Goodbye!”
Arnav turned around to finish Khushi standing near the door. As soon as Khushi saw him looking at her, she went into defense mode.
I am so so sorry, Sir. It will never ever happen. I don't know what happened. Maybe I was just a bit disappointed that you didn't care about my work. No, no, not that it's your mistake. It's entirely my fault. I shouldn't have thought like that. Stupid me. I am really sorry, Sir. You won't disqualify me from the internship, will you? Please, please don't. I am sorry, Sir. Papa and Bauji are very proud of me for being here at IBM. I can't let them down. I can't be disqualified. I am sooo sorry Sir. Please forgive me. Please?”
Khushi took a deep breath and finally looked up at Arnav. Arnav was literally gawking at her with his eyes open wide and his mouth slightly open.
What the?!” said a very confused Arnav, drawing his eyebrows together in confusion.
I said I am sorry.” She said meekly, looking apologetic.
What? But why?”
Why?! Well, I was rude to you when I came earlier. You were right. You are our boss and I shouldn't have crossed my line.”
Arnav simply stared at her. He couldn't understand what to do. Be proud that she apologized? Punish her for being rude? Smile at her innocence? Drop the matter?
Arnav realized that while he began staring at her, Khushi had also looked up at him. She was staring at him with worry and confusion written all over her face.
Hmm. Fine. Sit down.” Arnav said while looking away and sitting himself down in his chair.
Arnav looked back at Khushi to find her standing still at the same position.
I said SIT DOWN Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta!” gritted Arnav through his teeth.
Khushi quickly paced to the seat, half-stumbling and half-running. She sat herself down and looked at Arnav as if she had just won a trophy.
Arnav just shook his head at her antics and cleared his threats.
The reason I called you.....”
Arre, I already said sorry. Why are you still bent on doing this to me? I won't apologize now for being rude because you are being rude without any reason. Fine, I crossed my boundary the last time, but now what have I done? I have already apologized and my Bauji says that if a person asks for forgiveness with a pure heart, one should always forgive them. See, now you should forgive me. What say?”
Arnav just stared at the creature in front of him, trying to understand her, and unsuccessfully trying to finish what he had planned to do so.
Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta, I have not....”
You haven't forgiven me yet? What kind of a person are you? How can you not forgive me after I said all that? Not even after talking about Bauji? I said na I am sorry.” Khushi gave him a pleading look.
Can you keep quiet for two minutes?”
What? How does that have anything to do my sorry? I am sorry. See, I'll hold my ears if you want. I'll do sit-ups as well, should I?”
Should I do sit-ups to say sorry?”
Now Arnav really lost his cool completely. He stood up, while Khushi threw herself more into the chair slightly trembling.
SHUT UP! I don't need your sorry. Hell, I don't even want you to say sorry! Now, just listen to me for two minutes without opening your mouth and turning that speaker on.”
Speaker? But.....”
Khushi nodded her head while staring back at a stern and angry looking boss.

Precap for Chapter 8:

Miss Gupta!”
Yes or No?”
I think I made myself clear. Now LEAVE!”
Oh cmon, can't you say yes just to make me feel nice?”
Arnav gave a bewildered look to Khushi.

Arnav's look for the day: Arnav's Armani!
Khushi's look for the day: Khushi's professional attire!


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