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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15
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You brought this gift for me, right Arnav?”
Arnav looked at Khushi and saw her eyes filled with confusion and something else which he was unable to put a finger on.
Khushi....no....I....I mean it was Akash who brought this for you.” He finally said looking away from Khushi.
Oh really? Then look at me in the eye and say it” said Khushi in a firm tone.
Arnav kept his eyes on the road ahead, “I am driving and I am not lying.”
No! You are lying! Don't even try to say otherwise. How can you even do this Arnav? How could you?”
What the! What have I even done? And what difference does it make to you anyways?”
Obviously it makes a difference to me! It would make hell lot of a difference when you give me a gift compared to when Jeejz give it. And how can you even lie, Arnav?”
Khushi! Just stop, will you? What difference is there between me and Akash?”
Arnav waited a few minutes and turned to see Khushi facing away from him, looking outside the window, with an expressionless face, her lips casted downward.
He parked the car to the side of the road and turned toward her, while Khushi continued to ignore him.
Okay. I am sorry. Yes, I did brought that gift for you and yes, I gave it to Akash to give it to you. Happy?”
Khushi still ignored him and looked out the window, her hands formed into tight fists.
Arnav held her chin and made her face him.
Khushi, look at me.”
Khushi continued to look downward, so Arnav held her chin firmly and made her look at him.
Sorry? Please?” said Arnav.
Khushi's eyes got a bit moist as she looked into his eyes filled with honesty and guilt.
It's fine” replied Khushi in a little voice.
Well, you have to be. It's your birthday and I want each moment of your day filled with happiness.”
Khushi's lips lifted in a slight smile as her eyes once again shined in joy.
No! I need that the Khushi smile, not this small one.” Arnav said while faking annoyance to her.
Khushi chucked looking at his face and said, “You know, you are not good at acting, so don't even try it.”
Arnav looked at her and smiled, “Really? So what else do you know about me?”
Hmmm. Let me think. You have anger issues. You are a good elder brother to Jeejz. You have a great taste in choosing gifts. You know how to make me smile.” She answered honestly and innocently, as she tapped her chin and got lost in her world while saying everything.
So you liked my gift?”
Khushi turned to look at him and saw a smirk planted on his face.
Yes, I did. And no need to be so happy. I am still not happy with the way you had it given to me. Hmph!”
Oh cmon Khushi. I just wasn't sure whether I should or not. I didn't want you to feel awkward.”
But why would I feel awkward? We are friends now, and it's absolutely normal for friends to gift each other occasionally.”
Arnav turned to Khushi with a surprised look. “Friends?”
Yeah. We are friends now. Aren't we?”
Erm....yeah, sure....okay.”
Don't you want to be friends with me?”
What? No, I didn't mean that. Why won't I not want to be your friend?”
So we are friends now na? Real friends?”
Arnav shook his head slightly at her innocence and smiled, “Yes, we are friends now, real ones.”
He restarted the car and began to head back on the road.
So does that mean I can call you by any nicknames I choose?” Khushi asked excitedly.
But why nicknames? What's wrong with my name?”
Well, there isn't anything wrong with your nickname. But don't you know all friends call each other by nicknames?”
I never had any friend calling me with nicknames, so no, I wouldn't know.”
Arnu, you are such a reserved person. All your friends must have been trying to appease your majesty.”
What the! Arnu? And what do you mean appease?”
First, yes, Arnu. Now that's your nickname from now on. Secondly, what I mean by appease is that everyone is just so scared of your mood swings, so they all must have been trying to do the 'right' thing in front of you, rather than being themselves and having fun.”
Khushi, you are UNBELIEVABLE!”
What the?!”
What? What did you say?”
I said your pet dialogue. [She giggled.] Just wanted to see how you would react, but yes, I already know I am unbelievable because I am simply everything everyone else is not.”
Ok Ok. Enough of this discussion. Now tell me, how does Khush want to celebrate her day?” He said with a wide grin on his face.
Khush? KHUSH? YOU gave ME a nickname?? Wowwww!”
Weren't you going on and on about how friends should? Then why can't I?”
Well, of course you can. And I love it. Khush. Aaawwww, Arnu and Khush.” She giggled, while Arnav smiled and continued driving.
Payal and Akash reached Plattsburgh City Beach, but there still wasn't any sign of Khushi and Arnav. Akash held Payal's hand and both walked toward the beach.
Payal, I am sorry for not telling you about myself before today.”
It's fine, Akash. I guess you needed time with it.”
No, it wasn't time. Anyways, I only told you about Uncle and Aunt. The reason was that when I moved to US, they were the ones who helped me a lot in settling here. I....I do have parents back in India. It....I guess....it was the need of the time then that made me take such drastic steps........I am sorry but I don't think I am still comfortable in talking about it.”
Payal held Akash's hand firmly in hers and stood in front of him. She caressed his cheek with her other hand.
Akash, if you don't want to, then you don't have to. I am fine with it and I am sure that you must have your reasons.”
Thanks, Payal. [He held her hand on his cheek to his lips and softly kissed it.] Payal, my brother is the only person I look up to. He is my only family, even above my parents.”
He cleared his throat, left her hands, and stepped backward a few steps. He kneeled on his right knee and held his right hand up in the air.
Miss Payal Gupta, would you do me the honor of being my life partner?”
Payal's eyes widened in shock, then filled with tears, as she nodded and smiled. She placed her hand in his, “Yes, yes, I would never desire for anything more than this.”
She made him rise and both hugged tightly. Payal continued to flow her tears of happiness, while Akash looked up at the heavens to convey his gratitude.
Ahumm, ahummm!”
Khushi's voice interrupted their embrace and both let go of each other. They looked around and found Khushi and Arnav standing there, Khushi with a wide grin on her face and Arnav with a soft smile.
Payal and Akash looked nervously at each other, while Khushi rushed to Payal and hugged her.
Congratulations, Jiji! I am so so sooooo happy for you. This is the best gift from both of you!”
Payal smiled fondly at Khushi, looked at Akash, then looked down shyly.
Arnav went to Akash and hugged him lightly.
Congrats, Akash. I wish the best for the two of you.” Arnav said.
Thanks, Bhai.”
Jiji, when do you want to tell at home? Should we tell them today? It's my birthday, they won't refuse me. Yes, we should tell them now. And then we....”
Khushiiii, calm down, I am sure Akashji must have thought of something.” Payal said.
Erm....Payal, I am sure Bhai must have thought of something, right Bhai?”
What the?! Akash? Wh....”
Akash hurriedly held Arnav's arm and led him away from the ladies, while Khushi and Payal continued to stare at them confused.
Bhai, if you remember, then you gave me a task this morning and even asked me for help.”
So? How does that relate to THIS?”
So, Bhai, now if you don't help me, I am going to tell Khushi that....”
You are blackmailing ME?”
Oh no, Bhai. You know, how you would say, I am just doing a deal.”
Without giving any response to Akash, Arnav made his way to Payal, while Akash followed him dumbfoundedly, still deciding whether he has been successful or not.
Khushi stopped teasing Payal as she saw Arnav coming toward them.
Yes, Arnavji?”
You don't have to worry about anything. We'll come soon to ask for your alliance from your parents.” Arnav said with a friendly smile, but trying to think what to do next himself.
Akash's face brightened with happiness, while Payal nodded to Arnav shyly. Khushi continued to stare at Arnav, realizing there is something more to what he's making it seem as.
Akash stood next to Khushi and turned her toward him, “Khushi, now that everything is settled, why don't we actually celebrate both occasions?”
Aawww, Jeejz. You are simply so sweet.”
Before anyone could say anything, Khushi led the three of them toward the waves of the water. While Akash, Payal, and Khushi began to enjoy the cool water after undoing their footwear, Arnav continued to stand away from the water, observing their playful activities with a soft smile.
Khushi jumped around in the water and saw Arnav standing apart from them. She quickly took a handful of water, which was dripping on her clothes, ran and threw the bit left behind on Arnav. Arnav shut his eyes as the cold water tore through the warmth of his suit.
Khushi? What are you....?”
Arnuuu! It's my birthday, how can you not enjoy with us?”
She held his hand and took him toward the water, while Arnav had already lost himself as her soft, cool hand touched his firm, warm one.
Arnu, open your shoe laces. Arnuuuuu! Arnuuuuu! ARNAV!!!!!!”
Huh? What?”
Your shoes! Won't you take off your shoes before entering the water?”
Erm....yeah.” He took off his shoes, but Khushi held his arm and ran to the waters with him before he could even say his “What the!”
Khushi began to play around in the water, while Arnav stood near her, looking at the sweet smile on her face, her face flashing with joy.
Khushi looked at him and realized that he's not playing. She grinned mischievously and threw big splashes of water at him. Arnav looked at her shocked and began to throw water at her as well. They continued their water fight until they were fully wet, from head to toes. Khushi began to laugh looking at Arnav, while he chuckled lightly and shook his head at her crazy antics.
Now, Khush, can we go?” Arnav asked with a sweet, yet enticing smile.
Khushi stood, stunned, with the smile still on her face, as she heard him say Khush for the second time. Something quivered in her heart, something she was unable to comprehend. Arnav smiled softly, as he saw her expressions.
He held his hand toward her as a friendly gesture and said, “Come.”
Khushi took his hand happily and they went toward Payal and Akash, who by now were sitting on the sand, talking silently. They stood up as the other two joined them.
Bhai, Khushi, should we head on home now? The sun is just about to set, and Payal was saying that they needed to head home soon as well.” Akash said.
Yes, Jeejz, even I am tired now” said Khushi.
Yeah, Akash. I need to finish some work as well.” Arnav said.
Work, work, work, always work!” Khushi mummered to herself, as Arnav looked at her from the corner of his eyes.
Everyone headed to their cars and settled to go as they had arrived.

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