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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14
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Akash walked out of New York University after a meeting with the Vice President. Though he worked efficiently regardless of what the situation was, his mind was currently playing multiple memories from olden days. He sat into his car and placed his head on the steering wheel. He replayed Arnav's conversation, wondering why he needed her location suddenly. Though he was thankful that he didn't ask any of the questions he normally would, but then he was surprised, as to why not. Akash had been expecting Arnav's call since the day NK informed of his arrival.
But Bhai did not even mention anything. Maybe he's not going to. I just hope....
His phone rang, marking the call of his elder brother.
Yes, Bhai?”
Akash....erm....Where are you?”
Wh....I....near Greenwich Village. Why Bhai?”
No, I was....Why don't we meet? I am in Greenwich Village as well.”
Now? Oh God Bhai! Are you alright? I s everything okay? Are you....”
AKASH!! I asked, can we meet?”
Yeah, sure Bhai. Anyways, I was coming to meet someone. Where at, Bhai?”
You tell. Who were you meeting with? Colleague or....?”
Erm....yes, Bhai. I am coming and will message you the place.”
Arnav sat in his car, the black windows hiding him from anyone's view. His eyes were set on the entrance of the Cafe. Khushi was still inside with her sister and Akash on his way here.
Why did Akash have to decide on this very Cafe? I thought he would NOT want me to meet his love interest. How can this man be so down to earth? DAMN IT!
A knock disturbed his venting. Arnav saw Akash standing in front of his door, his eyes looking around and on the window again. Arnav lowered the window, just enough to make his voice across.
The car's unlocked. Get in!”
Arnav quickly closed the window before Akash could argue back.
Akash opened his mouth to argue but closed as the window went up. He walked to the other door, completely clueless of what exactly was wrong with his brother. As soon as he sat, Akash turned toward Arnav with a stumped, yet curious look. However, as soon as he saw Arnav looking at him with an affectionate look, the look he missed all these years.
Though Arnav was caught up in many things, he couldn't help but feel the same brotherly love for his younger brother. He had never shown his emotions to anyone, but he had missed him all these years. He placed his hand on his shoulder, but Akash hugged him tightly, just the way he used to hug him in the younger years. Arnav patted his back lightly, strictly controlling his emotions.
Bhai, I am sorry, Bhai. I know I hurt you a lot, but you know I just couldn't....I was....”
I know, I know it all. Do you really think you could have breathed even for a single moment without my knowledge?”
Akash looked at Arnav, his face full of confusion.
Bhai? You knew about....”
Arnav nodded his head in positive.
I still want you to come back, but it will be your decision. My desires won't interfere with your decisions.”
Thank you Bhai, thank you so much! But I am still sorry Bhai. You needed me, but I....”
You had a choice, Akash, and you chose for yourself. I didn't, so I couldn't.” you still....”
Akash flinched a bit at seeing the same rage in Arnav's eyes. Even if everyone feared Officer Raizada, he would always be afraid of his brother's temper nonetheless.
Sorry, Bhai. I was just....”
Arnav closed his eyes to control his temper and looked at his brother with affection.
Akash, it''s no use talking about that now. [He cleared his throat, as he recalled the day's events.] So, who were you meeting here?”
Akash suddenly remembered what happened earlier on and his warm, affectionate look turned into a curious, yet an astute look.
What's going on, Bhai?”
You still didn't answer my question.” Arnav said, avoiding an eye contact with Akash.
Oh....she....I was....erm....”
So, it's a girl? Girlfriend or just a colleague?”
Akash looked sheepishly at his brother, knowing fully well that he could never lie to his elder brother.
I love her, Bhai.”
Arnav noticed the honesty and pride in Akash's eyes as he spoke the words. His lips turned into a smile as well.
Hmm. Who is she, by the way?”
The timidness evaporated from Akash's eyes and a slight smirk made its way on his lips.
Elder sister of the girl you had me track down.”
Arnav ignored Akash's gaze upon him and found the parking meter outside the car much more interesting.
Bhai, you do know that you have to come clear, right?”
Arnav pondered upon his words for few seconds, cleared his throat once again, and finally looked at Akash.
Erm....I need your help.”
Bhai? You....I”
Akash, please. You know, if it wasn't important, I wouldn't be asking you at any cost.”
Ok. How exactly do you want me to help you?”
Arnav looked straight into Akash's eyes to convey the seriousness of the matter.
I asked you to find out about Khushi and I just want from you that she should never know of this fact.”
Hmm. No problem. But there's something I need you to do in return.”
What the! Since when have you learned to blackmail?”
Akash chuckled a bit, as Arnav's tense muscles relaxed a bit to know it wouldn't something serious since his brother was laughing.
Bhai, I just want to introduce the person who is the role model of my life to the person who I want to spend my entire life with.”
But Akash, I....”
Bhai, I have never told her anything about....well, anything. You are the only family I have, Bhai. Please?”
You are the only true family I have as well. But Khushi....”
Don't worry. I know her personally as well. I'll handle.”
Though Arnav was not convinced, he nodded to Akash reluctantly.
Akash, there's one more thing.”
What, Bhai?”'s Khushi's birthday today. [He picked a gift bag from the backseat and handed it to Akash.] Would you give this to her?”
Akash bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from smiling.
But why don't you give it to her, Bhai? I assume you also know her personally.”
NO! I an intern at IBM where I am heading the internship program. So it's not personal.”
Bhai, you care about her na?”
Akash looked directly into his brother's eyes and smiled.
It's fine, Bhai. I know you. Don't worry, I'll take care of it” said Akash while pointing towards the gift.
Both got out of the car and walked into the Cafe.
Jiji, where is Jeejz now? I am even hungry now.”
He'll be here soon. Maybe got caught with something.”
At the cue, Payal saw Akash coming through the door, along with someone else as well.
Look, here he is!”
Khushi turned around with a wide grin on her face which turned in a shocked expression as her jaw dropped down and her eyes went wide as she saw Arnav walking with Akash. Arnav noticed Khushi's changing expressions but he dared not look her in the eye. Akash, on the other hand, was observing Khushi and Arnav, while winking at Payal. Payal was smiling her cute smile at Akash when she noticed him looking at Khushi and Arnav, so she also looked at the both of them. She though was only slightly surprised at Khushi's state, but found nothing wrong with Arnav since Arnav's face was expressionless. Payal was further astonished as Akash winked at her with an amused expression.
Khushiiii, Khushiiiii, Akashji is talking to you.” Payal tried to get Khushi out of her daze, but Khushi remained statue-like until Payal pinched her on her arm. Akash was smiling seeing her state, while Arnav was looking everywhere but at her.
Ouchhh!” Khushi turned immediately to Payal with an annoyed look.
What was that for Jiji?” whispered Khushi to Payal.
Look in the front and you'll know, Einstein.” Payal turned and smiled warmly to Akash.
Happy Birthday, Khushi.” Akash said and side-hugged Khushi. Khushi hugged him back.
Thanks Jeejz. So you finally remembered me? What took you so long?” [Jeejz = alteration for Jeeju, brother-in-law]
Sorry kiddo. I had a meeting and here, let me introduce you both to my elder brother, Arnav Singh Raizada.”
Khushi looked at Arnav, who was still avoiding her. She opened her mouth, closed it, opened again. are Jeejz's elder....?” said Khushi, though she was mainly talking to herself.
Khushi, do you know each other already?” asked Payal innocently.
Huh?....Jiji....woh....he....I....he's my....boss” stammered Khushi as she looked away from Arnav.
Oh wow. What a surprise! Akashji, you never told me you had a brother.” Payal said.
Akash and Arnav looked at each other uncomfortably, both aware of the reasons.
Arnav spoke, “Actually, I told him not to. Our family had many contacts, while Akash wanted to build his career on his own merits. Therefore, he established himself without disclosing who his family is.”
Oh, really Akashji? That's so sweet of both you brothers. Now can we all sit and talk?” said Payal with a sincere smile on her face.
All sat down, Payal and Khushi on one side of the table, while Akash and Arnav in front of them. Arnav and Khushi still avoided eye contact with each other, while Payal and Akash noticed the uncomfortable silence between the both. If nothing else, both surely did know that Khushi would not have kept quiet without any reason.
So Khushi, here is our birthday girl's present.” Akash said while giving the gift bag to her.
Jeejz, YOU brought me a gift? Yepppeeeee!” Khushi giggled as she was just about to open the gift when Payal slapped her thigh secretly. Khushi stopped, realizing her manners which were forgotten due to her excitement.
Erm....Happy Birthday Khushi.” Arnav spoke in a firm voice, attempting to hide his hesitancy and looking directly at Khushi now.
Thank you, A....Sir.” Khushi said shyly, ignoring Arnav's gaze on her. Arnav smirked slightly as he realized that Khushi was about to call him by his first name.
Khushi, Bhai just told me that you both worked together. I didn't know. So, I hope you don't mind that.”
Oh, no Jeejz. It's completely fine. Anyways, Sir is very sincere about his work and it's a pleasure working with him.” Khushi said the last sentence shyly, while Arnav's heart swelled with pride and happiness.
Payal was amazed at her sister, but Akash acted as if nothing was happening though his heart was jumping in joy to see his brother like this.
Payalji, since it's Khushi's birthday, why don't we all go out together? I don't have any work for the rest of the day, and I am sure Bhai can manage one day without work. Right, Bhai?”
Sure Akash. As you all see fit.” Arnav said while looking at Khushi from the corner of his eyes.
Yes, Akashji. Khushi will love spending the day with us.” Payal said excitedly as she saw Akash winking at her again.
Payal and Akash got up to leave before Khushi could say otherwise. Arnav and Khushi followed them close behind.
Arnav whispered to Khushi, “Khushi, you do know that you can call me by my name in front of my own brother, right? I only stopped you from that in front of the staff and faculty.”
Khushi looked at him surprised, “Ohh. I was just not sure since I didn't know.”
Well, now you do!” Saying it, Arnav walked away from Khushi and closer to Akash, who turned around just in time.
Bhai, why don't you and Khushi follow our car? I....erm....I had to talk to Payal about something.”
Arnav looked at Khushi's surprised look, smirking inwardly he answered Akash, “Of course Akash. You guys go ahead. Enjoy!”
Payal and Akash went in their car, while Khushi and Arnav followed behind.
Khushi, buckle your seatbelt.” Arnav said to Khushi without looking at her.
Khushi looked toward him as she buckled her seatbelt.
Thanks.” She said in a little voice.
Hmm. Why didn't you tell me of your leave?”
Khushi began playing with her fingers nervously, “I....I told Amanji. You were busy.”
You could have called me or messaged me in the evening.”
Khushi shot him a surprised look. “I forgot. I was busy at home.”
Why didn't you tell me about your birthday?”
Sorry. I forgot.”
Arnav looked at her, a softness in his eyes, “You don't have to be sorry, Khushi. I....I just....never mind.” He looked away, unable to vocalize his feelings.
Khushi looked at Arnav and saw a strange sadness on his face.
Hey Devi Mayyia! What have I done? He must have felt bad because he found out from Jeejz. Stupid, duffer! How idiotic can you be Khushi!
Arnavji, I didn't mean to hurt you. I just forgot. I am sorry. I am really sorry.”
Khushi, you don't have to be sorry. It's fine.” Arnav smiled at Khushi, seeing her distressed at such a simple thing, while understand his unexpressed feelings. Khushi smiled as soon as she saw him smiling.
So, I never thought you would turn out to be Jeejz's brother. He is so different than you.”
Different? Yeah, obviously. Personalities of any two people has to be different. How can we be same, Khushi?”
Arnavji, you are seriously the limit. I wasn't expecting a complete logical explanation for such a general thing.” Khushi rolled her eyes, while Arnav smiled at her.
Oh, but even I didn't realize that your surname is also Raizada. I should have guessed then, but I guess it never came to my mind.” Khushi spoke as she played with the gift bag in her lap. She suddenly realized that she still hasn't opened her gift. She looked at Arnav with a mischievous glint in her eyes.
Arnavji, can I ask something?”
Do you mind if I open my present?”
Arnav looked at her, surprised and timidly. “, go ahead.”
Khushi excitedly opened her the bag to find another wrapped gift box inside. She opened it and found a pearl and diamond earrings with a matching necklace. Her eyes opened wide, appreciating the beauty of the present, while her mind blurred with confusion. Arnav noticed her awed expression and looked away, smiling to himself since she liked the gift. Khushi turned to Arnav, only to be more surprised to see a peaceful smile adorning his face. Realization hit her and she looked back at the gift.
You gave this gift, not Jeejz, right?”
Arnav's smile vanished as he looked at Khushi in shock!

Here is the link for Khushi's gift: Earrings & Necklace
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