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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

He walked to the cafeteria, observing each and every person on his way. Yes, he had those keen and shrewd eyes, the kind which could see within a person and know what that person really is. As he entered the cafeteria, he scanned his eyes to see who else was there. He found a pair of glamorous eyes, with a seductive smile, looking back at him. He gave a sly smile to her and gestured that he'll join in a moment. She gave a small nod back to him and he went towards the helper who always brought him his food.
Sir, welcome back! I didn't see you yesterday” said the helper.
I just had some personal work, so took a leave yesterday.”
Well, ok. Do you want your usual, Sir?”
Yes, Charlie” He had a genuine smile playing on his lips, a rare sight only held for rare occasions or rare people.
As Charlie was preparing his tray for lunch, he started talking, in his usual friendly way with him.
You missed a lot yesterday, Sir. Mr. Raizada had quite a temper. His assistant suffered the most, Aman was almost dead tired by the end of the day. But an intern also witnessed his wrath.”
Shyam Manohar Jha chuckled at that. “Wrath, you say? Hmm, that man's personality already gave that away on the first day. By the way, who was the intern?”
I don't know her name. But I heard the staff talking though. She has also been promoted to be the leader of the team. You must have been informed about it, isn't it Sir?”
I know who you are talking about then, Charlie. I would say that she deserves the position. Anyway, I'll catch you later.”
Shyam took his tray and went towards Lavanya's table, a sly smile back on his lips, rather than the genuine one. He sat on the chair, facing Lavanya who gave him her seductive smile once again.
How are you, Sir?”
Lavanya, I told you earlier as well. You can call me Shyam. I am more comfortable to be on first-name basis.”
Ohh, I know. But I just didn't want to call you by your first name out in public.” She winked at him to convey her message.
Shyam smirked and changed the topic. “So, your friend Khushi was chosen to be the leader. Aren't you excited about that?”
The smile got wiped off Lavanya's face at the mention of her friend's name.
Yeah, sure. But I don't think that she will be able to do a good job at it.”
Well, if I were given the decision, I would have selected you. You surely do deserve more than her.”
Lavanya smiled at Shyam. “Awww, you are such a sweetheart. But yes, you are right. I do deserve more than her. But what difference does it make if she got the position? She also has to sustain it.” Her smiled now got replaced by a wicked smirk.
A sudden glint flashed through Shyam's eyes, though Lavanya missed to understand it.
Anyways, Sir, I am done with my lunch. I surely don't want anyone to see us together for long. I'll see you in the evening, right?”
Yeah, I'll be there, same place as yesterday.” He replied with a sly smile on his lips.
While Lavanya left, Shyam's eyes began to have a distant look to them. He recalled the first time he had seen the two friends in the Main Hall.
* Flashback *
He was talking to the directors post-meeting when the interns began to come up to introduce themselves. From the corner of his eyes, he found one of the girls looking at him. He instantly felt a negative vibe hit him, and he knew, just as he always does. The girl was a case of pure selfishness and wickedness. Just as he was observing her, he saw another girl join her. The other girl had an unique aura visible in her very presence. There was a genuineness in her expressions, a honesty in her eyes, and a purity in her very persona. He caught her looking at him and noticed the change of expressions fluttering in her eyes as soon as she looked in his direction.
Before he could analyze it, both of them stood in front of him. While he saw an alluring smile on the first one, he noticed the plastic smile on the second girl. They introduced themselves. He kept his trademark smile upon his face, a smile which deceived all into thinking of him as a friendly and a down-to-earth person. Though Lavanya was going on and on with her introduction, Khushi's eyes were very restless and Shyam knew exactly what she felt in his presence: an intimidation. His eyes followed her leaving the room moments later.
Excusing himself from others, he went back to his desk to ponder on those eyes. He knew she felt intimidated as soon as she had set his eyes upon him. That was what he noticed when he first saw her eyes. But instead of feeling bad, he was actually content to finally have found such a person. Someone who could see through him, to the vileness present in his blood. Till now, everyone used to be convinced with the cover he had on. No one had ever looked beyond. Today, someone had!
Yes, he was vile. He was the worst enemy one could have. But only few people knew what his heart held. He knew Khushi only saw within his mind, not heart. Not that he even expected her to. He knew he was b****rd, an illegitimate child. He hated himself for who he was born to. Even though he had a pitiful childhood, he did not pity himself. He hated himself even more as the memories of his childhood came to him. To get rid of this hate, he would analyze each person coming into his view. As soon as his eyes found another vile person, he would use his shrewdness to make that person vulnerable. So vulnerable that such a person would never use vileness again in his/her life.
That's what he felt when he saw Lavanya. He knew who she was from within. But then, as soon as he saw Khushi with Lavanya, he felt something he hadn't felt in a long time. He felt protective toward her, almost as if his very soul cared for her. He didn't not feel attracted or any such thing for Khushi, instead it was more of a feeling a brother had for his sister. Khushi reminded him of memories he had buried back in his heart. Memories which held a joy from his childhood and an escape he had used always to save his soul from turning completely evil.
He had observed them keenly and knew that Lavanya would never do any good to Khushi, and for that reason, he had instantly decided upon a plan to be placed into action over the next few days. Shyam had decided then and there as to what cards he would be playing next, and he will win, just as he always had.
* Flashback ends *
Shyam looked back around the cafeteria to find it almost deserted other than few occupants. According to his plan, he had been extra-friendly towards Lavanya. He also accepted her seductive ways, just to have his plan move forward. Unknowingly, she was making his plan work without any efforts from his side. He had began to meet her outside of office, though it had only been one day. Shyam was going to keep meeting her, but without crossing any lines and having their relationship progress physically, he wanted it to progress emotionally. He knew exactly where it would hurt her the most and how exactly would she be defeated. The only thing that worried him was Khushi and he just hoped that she wouldn't interfere, not before he accomplished what he intended to. He quickly finished his lunch and went back to work, satisfied with the progress in his plan so far.
Arnav and Khushi had gone to Mr. Heinlein's office, about 45-minutes farther away from IBM. They used Arnav's car since he wouldn't drive any other car or let anyone else drive, Khushi in this case. The meeting was a success, just as Arnav wanted to see it. This success marked Khushi's efficiency for her position. It was kind of a test to see whether she was suitable for this position or not. Once Mr. Heinlein had congratulated her, a wide smile had taken place on Khushi's face. Arnav acted nonchalantly, even though he was happy inwardly.
As soon as they sat in Arnav's car and began their journey back to IBM, Khushi set her eyes on Arnav, waiting to hear something from him as well.
I know that he won't actually say anything much, but a simple “Congrats” or “Good job” won't really lessen his ego, would it Devi Mayyia? Hmph, he is still driving without even glancing once back at me. He didn't look at me since the meeting. Not once did his statue-straight face change. Laad Governor!
Arnav was observing the expressions on her face, though for a change, she went back and forth between pleading and disappointment. He bit his inner-cheek to stop a smile threatening to make its way on his face. He knew she was still staring at him, and even though he was enjoyed how she pouted like a child, for some reason, he wasn't able to bear the disappointment on her face.
Nice work, Khushi.” Arnav said his words as indifferently as he could at the moment.
Khushi's face immediately brightened and a big, wide grin became visible on her lips.
Thank you thank you thank youuuuu, Sir! I thought you would never say it, but thank you! Loads of thanks to you Devi Mayyia. You finally made him say it!”
Arnav looked at Khushi, amused at her innocence and her madness. Pagal.
He resumed driving, as Khushi looked out the window, but he could tell she was still busy in her self-talk through the gestures her hands made subconsciously. She suddenly turned towards him, and he quickly straightened himself and pretented to be driving very attentively.
Sir, I am really hungry. Can we please have our lunch outside? It's still going to take more than half an hour to get back and then there will be so much work. Please?”
Khushi, we'll be even more late in reaching work. And can't you eat while working?”
WHAT? How can anyone eat while working? Don't you know that food is to be enjoyed? How do you enjoy food if you are working? How can one possibly....”
Okay, okay, I get it! Fine, I'll stop as soon as a restaurant comes.”
Arnav sighed slightly since he still didn't want to be late for work, but it obviously went unnoticed by Khushi who was already dreaming about food.
He looked at her happy face and felt a soothing calm spread in his heart. His mind went back to this morning, how he had let down his ASR mask for her, and as he saw her face now, he felt that maybe it was worth it. He still didn't believe that anything good can ever happen in his life, but for some reason, he just wasn't able to keep up being ASR around her. He just wanted to be Arnav. He didn't know where exactly he was heading with this decision, but he just didn't want to do anything about it just yet. He can be ASR whenever he wants to be, but his heart was, for once, willing to let Arnav come in front. His lips curved to reveal a smile, though small, but still evident.
Khushi, in her excitement of food, had completely forgotten that there was someone else present in the car besides her. She looked at Arnav to find him looking straight, but instead of the same statue-straight face, she saw a slight hint of smile. He looked content, but for her, he looked like a cute child with his smile. Her eyes saddened a little as she once again recalled his words from last night. She just wasn't able to forget the pain, the anguish his words held. She knew he was lonely, hurt, and his life was simply empty of any joy. For reasons unknown to her, she wished to erase all sadness from his life and fill it with overflowing happiness. A happiness that would always remain with him, within him, delighting him for eternity.

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