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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

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Arnav walked towards Khushi, though his feet were cautious as they proceeded to their destination. Khushi was looking down at her feet and tapping her feet anxiously. He didn't know how to apologize to her. She didn't know how to vocalize her apology to him. Khushi finally looked up to find Arnav staring at her and merely a feet away from her.
I am.....” Both said simultaneously and stopped abruptly hearing the other. Looking everywhere but at each other, Khushi and Arnav once again stood in an undisturbed silence.
Having had enough, Arnav mustered his courage and an almost whisper left his lips.
Khushi's eyes opened wide and she looked up at him in shock. He was looking straight ahead at the front door, ignoring her stare.
What did you say?”
Arnav shot an annoying look to Khushi, not wanting to be Arnav any longer and weakening his resolve of making it up to her.
I said what I did. If you didn't hear it, it's not my mistake!” Arnav said roughly.
No, I did hear it, but what I meant was, why?”
Arnav's eyebrows scrunched in confusion and he looked at her with a puzzling expression.
Understanding his unasked question, Khushi quickly added, “I mean that I should be apologizing for interfering without having any right to do so. I am sorry. I shouldn't have said all that to you in the first place.” Her face was filled with regret and guilt, while her eyes were trying not to tear up in front of him.
Arnav stared at her face and felt a pain enveloping his heart. His heart ached to see her in such a condition. He wanted to erase that distress from her face and he was willing to take off ASR's mask for her, just for once, just for her.
No, Khushi. I shouldn't have shouted at you like that nor said all that.” Arnav said while watching different emotions playing on her face.
First she was confused when she heard his first words, then relieved to know that he wasn't angry with her, but then, simply amazed to have him apologizing to her, even though he didn't use the magic word now.
No, Sir. It was all my fault. I shouldn't have crossed my line and be so open with you. I didn't have any right to.”
Khushi, stop! I said that it was wrong on my part to shout. You were just!”
But Sir, if I hadn't pushed you to that extent, this situation would have never risen. I am so terribly sorry, Sir. Please forgive me.”
It was my fault as well. You didn't know. It's all because of my anger.”
No, it was my mistake, Sir. Definitely not yours.”
No, Khushi. It was my fault.”
No, Sir. How can you say that? It was entirely my fault.”
KHUSHI! I am your boss and if I say that it was mine, then that means it was MINE!” Arnav gritted, very annoyed and frustrated to not being able to have her agree.
No, Sir. You are my boss and that's the exact reason for why it was mine!” Khushi said, as stubborn as she was to have her point accepted, without caring about any other end.
What the!!! I said it was mine!”
Before Khushi could again argue back, the guard stepped in the scene and said, “Sir?”
WHAT?” snapped Arnav, turning to look at the guard with anger burning in his eyes.
No....nothhingg Ssirrr. The oppen!” The guard stammered and quickly left the pair alone to go back to his duty, cursing himself for meddling in the first place.
While the guard definitely interrupted their “apology" session, he helped Arnav and Khushi realize what they were doing in reality, instead of apologizing. Khushi begin to fidget in her place, while Arnav looked here and there, both unsure on how to proceed from here. Arnav closed his eyes, turning slightly away from her, trying to control his temper and sticking to his resolve.
Finally, Khushi made the first move, inwardly not wanting ASR to come back into action and take advantage of the silent, unsure person in front of her.
I made this cake for you.” She said and raised the box towards him.
Arnav turned to look at her, a gentle and a suave look honoring his face. Seeing that innocent, yet remorseful look on her face moved his heart in ways he never imagined. His hands moved on their own and held the box. Khushi's lips finally curved into a wide smile, while her eyes twinkled.
Thank you. Thank you so much Sir. You don't know how much this means to me.”
Arnav came out of his trance, trying to grasp the meaning of her words.
The cake. You accepted the cake as my apology. It's a rainbow cake that I always make for my Jiji whenever she is upset with me.”
He finally looked at his hands, which now held a plastic round box. He could see a rainbow cake in it, indeed, but it was also decorated with chocolate icing, a smiley face made with rainbow sprinkles, and a cherry on top. A smile formed on his lips, while a warmth entered his heart. He looked up at Khushi to find her grinning openly at him.
Forgetting everything for once, his lips opened to let out a soft whisper, “Thank you.”
Even though, at this precise moment, those simple words from his mouth felt like the most precious gift, Khushi gingerly nodded and smiled at him.
But I can't eat it!”
The smile turned into a frown, while Khushi's eyes opened wide.
But why? You just accepted it.”
Arnav looked at her, the smile still evident on his face.
I am diabetic” said Arnav regretfully.
WHAT?” said a shocked and surprised Khushi.
Arnav kept looking at her in the same way, taking in her reaction and printing the memory in his heart.
I am so sorry, Sir! I didn't know. I swear! I would never ever had made it for you if I knew. Erm.....but you don't worry. I know many other recipes which are sugar-free. Yes, right! And you know what? I make excellent jalebis and for you specially, I'll make sugar-free jalebis. Yes! That's what I'll do!” Khushi finally looked up at him, grinning triumphantly, finishing her monologue which was actually more of her self-talk than a response to the man looking at her bewilderedly.
Arnav finally shook his head at her antics and said, “Well, you don't have to do all that. I'll eat it!”
What?” Khushi quickly snatched the box from his hands, while Arnav raised his eyebrows and looked at her confused.
Why will you eat it when you are diabetic? What if something happened to you? Hey Devi Mayyia, raksha karna!” Khushi closed her eyes to send a silent prayer to her Devi Mayyia, along with an apology for making this cake. Feeling a tug at the box, she opened her eyes.
I can eat it today, Khushi.”
How can you eat it today when you have diabetes? You have diabetes and you don't know how dangerous sugar is for you? What if....”
Khushi, listen to me! I didn't have my breakfast or my medicine today. So I can eat it.” Arnav explained patiently, knowing fully well that losing his control would mean another argument ensuing right away.
Ohhh.....” Khushi finally let go of the box and waited for him to eat the cake, right there, in front of her.
Understanding what her look was implying, Arnav spoke, “Khushi, I think we should go in. We are still outside the building and I am definitely not eating out here.”
Khushi looked around and felt embarrassed at herself for not realizing it priorly. She nodded her head and followed Arnav in the building and all the way to his cabin. Not desiring to have another such situation arise, Khushi went toward her cubicle as Arnav went to open his cabin's door.
Arnav looked back to find Khushi settling herself at her usual place.
Yes, Sir?” Khushi said, while turning to face Arnav.
Can you come in my cabin? I have the data for the presentation in my laptop.”
Of course, Sir.”
And Khushi?”
Yes, Sir?”
Khushi watched Arnav enter his cabin, with a smile still playing on his lips. Khushi grinned, ear to ear as she still stared at the closed door. Quickly gathering everything needed for the presentation, she made her way toward the cabin, only to stop mid-way.
Khushi....he called me Khushi? He did call me Khushi! Hey Devi Mayyia, I never imagined that Laad Governor will actually listen to me and call me by my name. Not that he is such a bad Laad Governor. I mean, he still is, but in a good way. Thank you Devi Mayyia!
Khushi happily knocked on his cabin and entered upon hearing his voice. Arnav was busy typing something on his laptop, while Khushi came forward and made herself comfortable in one of the chairs facing him. Khushi's smile lessened a bit as she saw the cake, placed on his table, in the box, untouched.
He finally looked up to find a little frown on Khushi's recently happy face. Arnav found Khushi staring at the cake intently and understood what was going on in her brain.
I was just opening up the notes. I'll eat it now.”
Khushi looked at Arnav, a childlike expression on her face as if she had finally gotten the toy she had been asking for. She watched as Arnav opened up the box, but her smile turned upside down once again as he stopped.
What happened? Don't you like how it looks?”
Arnav nodded his head in negative. “Actually I was thinking that I can only eat little bit of it. What will I do with the rest?”
Oh....well, I'll eat it. I have quite a sweet tooth.” Khushi grinned at Arnav, while he gave her a surprising look.
But how can you eat after me or vice versa?”
Finally understanding the situation, Khushi said, “Ohh....ermm......Wait! I'll be right back!”
Arnav watched as Khushi ran out of his cabin. Through the glass wall, he saw her disappearing in the right corridor. Two minutes later, she was running back to his cabin, grasping something in her hands.
He watched as she placed two plates, a fork on each, on the table. She looked at his confused expression and giggled a bit.
Actually, Amanji showed me where all the cutlery stuff and snacks are kept for the faculty and staff.”
Without waiting for a response, Khushi proceeded to divide the cake in two parts, a huge piece on her plate, while a moderate size, with the smiley and cherry on it, on Arnav's plate. Both ate the cake in silence, stealing glances every now and then.
Khushi threw the plates out when both finished and placed the leftover cake in one corner. Though she knew by now that Arnav was a man of few words, she still looked at him, hoping to hear some response to the cake. However, Arnav had already began working on his laptop when Khushi was cleaning the table.
Feeling her stare on him, Arnav looked up at Khushi. He raised his eyebrows in question, while she scrunched her eyebrows in response. It took him a few seconds to grasp what she was trying to convey.
It was good.”
Khushi's face brightened with a smile and she gladly accepted his response, knowing that it meant much more than expressed. She quickly begin to set up the presentation on the desk computer, which Arnav had adjusted to face her, along with the keyboard, while he worked at his laptop. The next two hours went by, preparing for the presentation. The staff and faculty came around 9:00, but did not dare interrupt the “meeting,” not intending to witness anymore of ASR's temper after yesterday. Khushi and Arnav worked diligently, without any arguments and with an amiable interaction between both.

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