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Chapter 13A

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Chapter 13A
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As soon as they walked out of the elevator, Aman came up to Arnav and the men went ahead for the meeting, while Khushi went to her cubicle and began to work on her assignments. Khushi finished her assignments just as her phone vibrated in her purse. Since the working hours were technically over, she answered Payal's call.
Hi Jiji. Are you already home?”
Nah, I am still at work. Just a 15-min break.”
Oh, okay then. I was just about to head home. But why did you call?”
Khushi, you don't remember what tomorrow is, do you?”
Khushi mentally smacked herself and placed her hand on her forehead. didn't....”
You forgot, right?”
Yeah Jiji. I don't know how I....”
Khushi, you remember every single person's birthday, then how can you forget your birthday every year?”
Even I don't know Jiji. And it's not like I intentionally do it. It just happens. And why would I want to forget it? I just....”
Khushi! My break is about to end. I called to tell you that you are not working tomorrow. No excuses!” Payal said sternly.
But Jiji, I....”
It's Bauji's wish, Khushi.”
Since Khushi had never declined anything her Bauji said, she agreed and disconnected the call. Now, Khushi was more confused on how to talk to Arnav since he was still in his meeting. She packed her bag and held her assignments in her hand to submit. Just then, she saw Aman walking toward ASR's cabin. She quickly rushed to him.
Excuse me, Amanji?”
Oh, Khushiji. Yes, did you need something?”
Giving her assignments, she said, “This is the next set. Actually, I wanted to know how long the meeting will take?”
I don't know, Khushiji. Sir is still in there with some delegates. Can I take a message for him?”
Khushi contemplated on the thought for a second and then smiled.
I wanted to know whether I can take a leave for tomorrow.”
Oh! Well, Sir makes all decisions. But I don't see why not since you have already finished your assignments.”
Thank you, Amanji! Thank you so much. If there is anything that you or Ar....erm....Sir might need me for, just give me a call.”
Of course, Khushiji. Don't worry about it. What reason should I give for the leave to Sir then?”
Actually, tomorrow is....”
Aman's phone went off right at the moment with ASR's name flashing on it.
I have to run now Khushiji. I completely forgot what I came for. Bye!”
Aman quickly ran into the cabin, took the files he needed, and ran back to the Conference Room where Arnav was. Khushi's eyes followed Aman until he disappeared from her view.
Laad Governor! Devi Mayyia, just look at how poor Amanji gets scared of him. Hmph!
Khushi proceeded to take her stuff and move toward the exit, but something caught her eye.
Where's Lavanya? I didn't even apologize to her for leaving without her yesterday. I hope she isn't angry with me. But, where is she now?
After looking around for a few moments, Khushi walked out and drove home. Her evening went by with her family planning for the next day and what all they will do for her. Like every year, this was the only time when Khushi simply sat with everyone, listening to them, instead of talking herself. Even though she was always pampered, her birthday was one day when everyone would go out of their comfort zone and even do crazy stuff to make her day the most memorable each year.
At night, Khushi laid in her bed and a blissful smile adorned her face. The way her life was going, the way everything was turning about, she couldn't have dreamt of anything better. Till now, she had never really needed anyone other than her supportive family, not even friends. In the name of friends, she had Lavanya, who was also their neighbor. On the other hand, she had Payal, with whom she had shared her deepest secrets. Her Bauji always took part in her mischief, and he was always her partner in “crime.” Her parents, a wonderful and loving couple, were her role models. Her life had been perfect.
But now, her heart desired for more. The reason was only one. Arnav! No, it wasn't that she wanted anything from him. But it was more of that she wanted him to have more. Somehow, within her heart, she could see the pain in his eyes. From the first time she saw him, a desire to fill his life with happiness had entered her heart. She knew he looked like a cold-hearted, ruthless man. But she always knew that there was more to him. He still was an “enigma” for her.
Can you call me Arnav?
Those five words had struck the daylights out of her. She had completely forgotten where she was standing, what she was doing there, and the only thing she knew were those five words which were reverberating in her ears. She was replaying the time he had actually said those words, just to make sure that he was actually asking such a thing from her. She wanted to ask him again, but she was just frozen and her voice was stuck in her throat. When she sat in the car and saw that smirk on his face, she knew that he had actually said it. Her heart was dancing with joy and she was trying hard to suppress the urge to dance in front of him in his car!
Khushi smiled widely, remembering the smile on his face when she said his name. She felt as though she had fulfilled the reason for her living. With every passing second, her determination to keep him always smiling was increasing. She knew that she would happily sacrifice everything for his smile. It simply felt right. Simply perfect.


9:10AM @ IBM:
Aman hurriedly placed the phone on the receiver, ran to the cafeteria, made a strong black coffee and ran to ASR's cabin. He stabled himself and knocked like a gentleman.
Though the cup in his hand was shaking, he placed it on the table before he could spill it. He looked at his boss, who was standing with his back to him. Tense shoulders, stiff body, and the only sound was of a terrified breathing and a fast, furious breathing.
Ssirrr....yourr” Aman finally managed to get the words out of his mouth.
I.need.expenditure.reports.NOW.” Arnav gritted through his teeth in a deadly voice as he turned around.
Aman looked away from his, not wanting to die of an heart attack anytime soon. He picked the files from the shelf nearby, his hands shaking, his body slightly shivering, but he finally found the correct file. Aman, without looking, gave the file to ASR, who snatched it from him.
Aman scurried out of the cabin before ASR could breath in and out. He ran to his desk and breathed deeply for a few minutes as he sat down in his chair.
Ammi, if it weren't for the salary, I would have resigned the second day he began to work here. Please God, help me!
Arnav looked at the clock on the wall. 9:42! Where is this girl? She has never been this late! Should I call her? No! What will I say? Should I ask Aman? No. Yes. Why not!
Today, no matter how strong the coffee was, it simply wasn't helping. He picked up the cabin phone and dialed Aman's extension.
Come to my cabin.” A steady, yet frustrated voice left his lips.
Moments later, a visibly terrified Aman entered the room, yet again.
Yessss Sirrrr?”
Where is Khushi?”
What the! With whose permission?”
Aman, say the damn sentence in one go and quit stammering!”
Arnav raised his eyebrows, trying to grasp the gibberish language Aman had just used.
When I said in one go, I meant audibly.”
She wanted to ask you for a leave but you were busy in meeting, so I said yes.”
Yesterday, Sir. At the end of the day.”
I couldn't ask her.”
Why was I not informed?”
I tried to tell you in the evening, Sir, but you were busy with a client call.”
Arnav again raised his eyebrows and gave him a “so-it's-my-mistake-now” look.
I am sorry, Sir. I must have forgotten. Sorry.”
Thank you, Sir. I meannn, yess Sirrr.”
Aman walked in a composed manner to the door but ran to his desk as soon as the door closed.
Arnav got up from his chair and paced up and down in his cabin.
How dare she? How dare she take a day off without telling me? I don't pay anyone to be out whenever they wish to. Doesn't she have any sense of responsibility? What difference does it make if she finished her work already? Couldn't there be an emergency? What if she is needed? DAMN IT!
He picked the desk phone once again.
Call Miss Gupta and tell her to contact me urgently!”
He placed the phone on the receiver without waiting for a reply.
Two minutes later, his phone rang. He looked at the number and picked the phone at the second bell.
Sirrrr, she....”
Audibly, without stammering!”
Sir, she is not picking her phone. I called her three times.”
Arnav placed the phone on the receiver, loudly, and he began pacing once again.
Where the hell in she? She obviously had it planned, so she couldn't be sick. Then, why didn't she tell me in the car yesterday? She can talk a mile a second about random things, but NOT inform me of IMPORTANT things!
Since he only had one meeting planned for the day, which was fortunately at 10:30, he finished his work and stormed out of the building with a simple explanation to Aman: ASR had personal work!

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