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Chapter 13B

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Chapter 13B
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Amar, Garima, Bauji, and Payal sneaked into Khushi's room at exactly 11:30pm. They all knew that she will be sleeping deeply right now. They quietly decorated her entire room with fairy lights, stars, and crystal chains. Everyone was being as discrete and quiet as possible, and they had only 2 minutes till the clock strikes twelve. Payal rushed out of the room and brought a black forest small size cake. The clock chimed lightly twelve times to mark midnight.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHUSHI!!!!!!” Everyone yelled loudly and Khushi woke up with a jerk. The sudden sound scared her and she sat on her bed, her eyes wide open, and her jaw dropped.
Amar and Garima looked at Bauji, motioning him to go to her. Bauji sat next to Khushi and lightly patted her head.
Happy Birthday my cherub!”
Khushi looked at her Bauji in astonishment. She looked around at everyone with an awestruck expression, and at her room, slowly capturning the stars, the lights, the crystals, and the cake sitting on a table right ahead of her. Even though this was a yearly routine, Khushi was always amazed at how her family did so much for her. Her eyes welled up, as she gave everyone a grateful smile. Everyone came forward and shared a big family hug. Khushi cut the cake and fed it to Bauji first, then Amar, Garima, and Payal. Everyone gave her gifts and blessings. The Gupta household finally drifted into a peaceful sleep.
Khushi woke up at 8:00am, as the sun was shinning in her room and a beautiful smile graced her face. She took her shower and dressed up. She only wore kohl in her eyes and a nude lip-gloss on her lips. She was dressed in the Anarkali Garima gave her yesterday and made her promise to wear today. With the dress, she was wearing the earrings gifted by Payal. (Khushi's dress)
She walked down the stairs to find her family already sitted around the dining table, waiting for her. Her family wished her once again and all began their lavishing breakfast prepared by Garima.
Khushi, Bauji planned the day for you today.” said Amar.
Really? Bauji, what are we going to do first?” said an overly-excited Khushi.
Her Bauji chuckled a bit and said, “First, hand me your phone.”
Khushi innocently gave her phone to her Bauji and waited for him to answer her first question.
Now, I keep the phone and we all are going to be out for the day. So, you will know soon, my Gudiya.” Her Bauji answered.
That's not fair, Bauji. At least tell me one thing we will be doing. Please?” Khushi pouted.
Well, we will be eating out.” Her Bauji laughed as he saw an annoyed expression on Khushi's face, but she also joined him and began laughing.
The family spent the morning shopping in Little Italy, Chinatown, and Soho. As the elders took a break to rest, Khushi insisted and took Payal along with her for a hot-air balloon ride. The family gathered for a lunch at Serendipity, followed by a huge dessert. Khushi ate her dessert, followed by half of Payal's, while the elders only ordered 1 and shared it amongst the three of them.
While Khushi and Payal wanted to watch a movie and shop in Greenwich Village, the elders suggested to go home since Bauji was exhausted.
Then you all go home. Jiji and I'll come back in the evening.” Khushi said to her father.
But dear, how will you two come? We only brought one car.” Amar said with concern in his voice.
Ohho Papa, we'll hire a cab na. Now don't decline this. It's my birthday, so please?” She looked at her father with pleading eyes.
Okay okay. But be home by 7pm. We will be waiting.”
Yes, Papa. Thank you.”
Khushi hugged everyone and waved them bye. Payal and Khushi went to a nearby cinema and watched Monster Inc, a comedy animated movie that Khushi had already watched multiple times but still wanted to watch on her birthday.
It wasn't until they were back to shopping in Greenwich Village that a familiar car attracted Khushi's attention. A white Audi R8 was parked at a nearby parking meter. Since Payal had already entered one of the shops, Khushi went toward the car to check whether it really was the same car or not. She tried to peek inside the car, but no luck due to the black mirrors. She looked around to see whether the owner of the car was nearby, but people seemed to pass by without any interest toward the car. She walked around the car, trying to get some indication to prove her doubts. She went to the front mirror and tried to look inside. Though the view was minimal, it surely was familiar.
Someone placed a hand on her shoulder and she jerked around, scared of being caught. But seeing Payal, she sighed in relief.
Jiji, you scared me!!”
Why are you snooping around someone's car?”
Erm....I.....the car....”
Khushi, what are you doing? What if the owner saw you?”
Then it would have been better. That's what I was doing. Trying to see whether I know who the car belongs to!”
Are you serious, Khushi? Don't tell me that peeking in cars is your new way of celebrating your birthday!”
No, Jiji. Actually, this car is very familiar, that's why I was....”
Payal held Khushi's hand and led her towards the nearby cafe.
Khushi, I don't want either one of us to get into trouble today. And you are just hungry and tired. So, let's eat something, okay?”
Khushi didn't reply back to Payal as she was still looking back at the car, trying to put her finger on where she had seen the car.
What both Khushi and Payal failed to notice was a figure, hiding behind a shop board, observing their each and every move, though the figure was not close enough to hear their conversation. Dressed in a dark maroon three-piece suit, a tall man, with molten eyes which were a shade of chocolate in the sun now. Arnav Singh Raizada.

Before leaving his cabin, ASR had quickly looked through the files he kept in the last drawer of his table. He quickly jotted down something on the notepad, tore the paper and placed it in his coat pocket.  After a quick excuse to Aman, Arnav stormed out of the building.
As soon as he got in his car, he entered the address in the car GPS and drove at an insane speed to his destination. He surely broke the speeding rules, but luckily there were no cops on the roads today. He parked his car, a little before his destination, but near enough to have the full view. He waited in the car, even though his patience was running very low. While waiting, he began to observe his destination. It wasn't a mansion like the KM, but it was beautiful nonetheless. It felt very homely, as if a warmth was radiating from the house itself. Yes, it was very well-maintained and surely, the house gave away the affluence of the owners. (House)
A car entered the driveway of the same house, and two men and a women stepped out. It looked like as if they were all busy in a friendly conversation, while pulling out numerous shopping bags. Arnav finally stepped out of the car, just to make sure whether he missed anyone else exiting the car. But the three people walked in to the house, dismissing Arnav's doubts.
Where is Khushi now?She isn't at her house, then where can she be?
Arnav got in his car and closed the door with a loud bang. He fished out his cell-phone from his pocket and dialed a number. A mere 15 minutes later, his phone rang. Few seconds later, Arnav swerved his car to his next destination. The next destination took a hour to reach, since it was on the other side of the city and the traffic was also high now. Arnav parked his car and began to look in various shops. He searched thoroughly but he still couldn't get a single glimpse of her.
I know she's here. He said it. I....I can feel her. Where are you, Khushi?
Just as Arnav was walking back to his car, the vision in front froze him. The one and only Khushi Kumari Gupta was walking around his car, trying to peek through the black windows. An amused smile formed on his lips as he took in her confused, yet resolute expression. He kept admiring her beauty as she continued her quest.
How can someone look so beautiful without even trying? A fairy sent by heavens. A perfect fairy.
A girl, maybe older than Khushi by few years, approached Khushi. Arnav quickly stood behind a shop board to avoid being seen. He observed them conversing and then leaving.
*Flashback ends*

Arnav followed them into the cafe, while maintaining enough distance from them. As he entered the cafe, he spotted them sitting in one of the far corners, away from others. Khushi's back was toward him, while the girl with her, clearly in his view, was talking to Khushi. He went toward their table, without looking directly at the table. Arnav took a table on their diagonal left, but a pillar helped him in hiding himself from their view. Finally, he was close enough to be able to hear them and look at Khushi without any disruptions.
Jiji, any progress?”
Jiji? She's Khushi's sister?
Nope! I don't think he has enough guts.” A frown appeared on Payal's face.
Oh Jiji, why are you worrying over such a minor thing? Maybe, he is just busy. Being in Special Forces isn't an easy job.”
I know Khushi. I also know how he works. You know we worked together whenever his team needed forensic help. But it's not that!”
Jiji, just calm down. Tell me what the problem is and I'll help my sweet Jiji as much as I can.”
Ugh! Don't girls have any better topics to talk about than such stuff?!!
Khushi, I don't think Akashji will ever take the next step for our relationship. He is a very stern and strict officer, and I respect him for what he does. But when it comes to me, I don't think he'll ever move up a level from here.”
What the! Akash?! It could be someone else as well, right?
But Jiji, he already proposed to you and you accepted. What else is left?”
Well, he just isn't keen on telling his aunt and uncle about me. He doesn't have anybody other than them. It's only because of them that he is at such a good position in his career. But he just doesn't know of their expectations about his personal life, marriage, or even how they will react.”
It surely does sound a lot like him. Are they talking about Akash Akash or some other Akash?
Why don't you ask him to come over right now? I am sure that if we both talk to him, he'll surely understand.”
No, Khushi. He must be busy, and it's your day today, so....”
Exactly! Now if I am saying, then you have to call him here. Please Jiji. I am sure he won't refuse me on my birthday.” Khushi winked at Payal and a wide smile formed her face.
WHAT THE!!!! Birthday? Khushi's? What the! How the! Why don't I know anything? Khushi....
Payal took out her cell and began to dial Akash's number. Khushi's smile decreased a bit, as her heartbeats increased. She felt as if someone just called her. Arnav? No, how can he be here? Amanji must have informed him of my leave. I just hope he's not angry.
Khushi? Khushi?” Payal touched Khushi's hand to get her attention.
Huhh? You said something, Jiji?”
Here I am talking to you and you went off to your Lala land!”
Ohho Jiji. I am here only. Tell me, what did he say?”
He said that he's here nearby for some work. He'll join us in few minutes.”
CRAP!! What am I supposed to do now? What if he's the same Akash? What if he told Khushi that I asked him to find out her whereabouts? DAMN!

Office Raizada speaking.”
Akash? This is Arnav. Arnav Singh Raizada.”
Bhai? (Brother?) How are you, Bhai? NK told me of your arrival, but I have just been too busy. Sorry, Bhai!”
It's fine, Akash. Even I was busy. For now, can you do me a favor?”
Favor? Yes, sure. Anything for you, Bhai!”
I am messaging you a name with her details. I need her current location!”
Her? I mean, of course Bhai.”
Arnav disconnected the call, messaged Akash, and waited for the results. 15 minutes later, his phone rang again.
Yes, Akash?”
Bhai, she's at Greenwich Village in NYC. But Bhai I think I....”
Thanks Akash! I'll talk to you later.”
Arnav cut the call, swerved his car, and sped up toward Greenwich Village.
*Flashback ends*

Arnav looked back at Khushi and Payal. Both were busy in their discussion on a random topic, so he sneaked out from his hiding and went out of the cafe quickly.  

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